Anne Arundel County DUIs Impact on a Commercial Drivers License

If you have a CDL and have been charged with a DUI, your license and employment may be at risk. An Anne Arundel County DUI’s impact on a commercial drivers license cannot be understated. Losing a CDL can be life altering, but a lawyer may be able to help mitigate consequences and protect your rights.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Basics

To obtain a commercial driver’s license in Anne Arundel County, a person must have a valid regular license in good standing, no points on the license for the past two years, and go through a certification process with testing beyond regular licensing. Anyone who drives any vehicle over a certain given weight or size, or for transporting certain types of materials must have a commercial license. In Anne Arundel County, a DUI can be fatal to their ability to maintain a CDL at least for the near future in many instances.

Impacts on Employment

There are two types of drinking and driving offenses, DUI, and driving while impaired (DWI). A DUI results in an automatic suspension of a CDL for one year. A DWI has no impact on a CDL.

If a person is found guilty of a DUI, blows over 0.15 on the breath test, or refuses to take a test will get an interlock installed on their car or have their license suspended. An interlock is considered a restriction and a person with a restriction cannot have a CDL even if they are not convicted in court.

Standards of Action and Consequences

Commercially licensed drivers must follow every other requirement that a regular driver does but when passing through weigh stations or inspections they will have to submit to certain tests. There are limitations on how many hours a day a driver can be on the road, how much sleep they must have, and a multitude of other things they must abide by that the regular driver does not.

If a person with a CDL is charged with a DUI, it very likely could be disqualification of the license for a minimum of six months or potentially longer.

A CDL cannot have a restriction on it, but they could get a restricted regular license to drive a personal vehicle. An Anne Arundel County DUI’s impact on a commercial drivers license would include a ban on driving a commercial vehicle for the duration of the restriction.

Any prospective employer may not want to hire that individual who had a prior conviction for a DUI because of liability and safety concerns. A second or subsequent offense is an even bigger problem for a CDL holder.  On a first offense, frequently an individual will be disqualified for a year. On the second offense, it might potentially be a 10-year disqualification of a CDL.

What a DUI Lawyer Can Do For You

An attorney may be able to delay the imposition of the restriction or loss of the CDL by many months on your behalf. This might provide the opportunity to find alternative employment before losing the job that requires a CDL.

There are many ways an attorney may be able to mitigate an Anne Arundel County DUI’s impact on a commercial drivers license. Call a skilled lawyer today to learn more about your legal options and how counsel can fight for you.