Garrett County Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges, whether they are state or federal, is both confusing and frightening. If you have no prior experience navigating the criminal justice system, it can be even scarier. The stress of the booking process and being placed in a holding cell can make even the strongest person feel weak.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the best decision that you can make for yourself at your weakest moment is to seek help from a Maryland criminal lawyer that has been through the process before. A Garrett County criminal lawyer can ultimately help guide you through the process.

Garrett County Investigations

During a criminal investigation, the police are searching for and collecting any evidence available for the purpose of finding the party that they believe is responsible for committing a crime. That may include looking into the alleged victim’s background, talking to the alleged victim’s friends, family, or enemies, and speaking to witnesses to determine what occurred.

During this process, it is not uncommon for there to be evidence that links the crime to one or more people. When there is enough evidence to link the crime to one person, the police often focus on searching for evidence of that person’s guilt, rather than continuing to look at the evidence objectively.

If a person is  aware that they are being investigated for a criminal offense, it is best to contact a criminal lawyer in Garrett County immediately.

Arrests in Garrett County

Being arrested removes the right to voluntarily leave police custody. When issuing an arrest, the police are required to follow legal procedures. An officer must make the person in custody aware of their rights, which includes the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney. The police will then search the person, which they are permitted to do to determine whether they are concealing a weapon.

Generally, after  being arrested, the police will begin an interrogation. It is not required that a person speaks to the police without an attorney present and it is recommended to speak with an attorney before speaking to the police. A Garrett County criminal lawyer can help their client prepare to speak with the police, by guiding them against making seemingly innocuous statements that can objectively indicate guilt.

Regardless of whether someone opts to speak with the police or not, thereafter, they are booked. Booking includes getting basic information, such as full name and address, being finger-printed, and having a mug shot taken. Typically, upon being booked, the booking information will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office, where a decision will be made on what, if any, charges should be filed against the arrested person.

How an Attorney Can Help

Having an attorney throughout the process does not guarantee that charges will not be filed against you. An attorney will, however, ensure that your constitutional rights have been protected, anticipate the charges that may be filed, and explain the entirety of the process to you.

Not being alone and being certain that someone has the goal of protecting you can be more helpful to your emotional well-being than anything else during the process. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Garrett County, a skilled Garrett County criminal lawyer is available to help.