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Outstanding Citizen Scholarship Award Winners

We are happy to announce the recognition of one outstanding young woman who demonstrates the importance of perseverance and hard work and stands as an influence to citizens everywhere of the value of strength, education, and social justice.

2016 Winner: Lena Illig

Lean Illig is the 2016 award winner of the Oustanding Citizen ScholarshipIn 2016, Lena Illig, a senior of the University of Alaska Anchorage, is the winner of the Outstanding Citizen Scholarship, celebrating a pursuit of further education and good citizenship in the community. Being involved in various student organizations in Anchorage, Lena showcases an exemplary history on her pursuit to law enforcement of standing up for what she believes in and helping others.

Ms. Illig is motivated to finish her last semesters at her university, and her future plans are to go into state or federal law enforcement, as she begins applications at multiple police and law enforcement agencies in the United States. Her extensive involvement in organizations such as the National Guard, UAA Army ROTC, Planned Parenthood, the Anchorage Police Department, and Women in Federal Law Enforcement, demonstrate the leadership roles she has pursued and excelled at as she continues training and learning.

Lena is passionate about standing up for others in the pursuit of justice, and is passionate about working with those harmed from domestic violence and sexual assault. She wants to use her extensive training and involvement in her Anchorage community, through advocacy groups and law enforcement, to be fully prepared for making effective social change.

Ms. Illig demonstrates an exemplary citizenship and her active involvements and pursuit of education show us this is merely the beginning of great things to come from this outstanding woman.

2017 Outstanding Citizen Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for the 2017 Outstanding Citizen Scholarship, please visit the official scholarship application page to view submissions requirements and application criteria.