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If you have been arrested in Maryland and charged with a crime, the sooner you consult an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better your chances of achieving the best possible result in your case. A Howard County criminal lawyer stands ready to assist you.

Howard County Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Our firm represents a broad range of clients in criminal law matters, and our clients range from executives accused of white-collar crimes to young people who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of our clients are not residents of Maryland, such as students attending local universities, military personnel, and people from other states who are arrested as they pass through Maryland in transit.

People who are not from Maryland, or are new to Maryland, are often very surprised when they discover the relative harshness of certain Maryland criminal statutes as compared to other jurisdictions.

Retaining a Howard County criminal lawyer is an important first step in protecting yourself in a criminal case. Having a local, experienced attorney means that you have an advocate in your corner who can represent you and seek an outcome in your best interests. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Howard County criminal lawyer.

Driving-Related Charges

Many motorists are surprised to learn that DUI offenses in Howard County can result in jail time even for a first offense. Driving on a suspended license is another offense that is taken very seriously in Maryland, much to the chagrin of drivers who thought such a ticket might only require a quick court appearance and fine.

Weapon Charges

In 2013 Maryland passed some sweeping new gun legislation that criminalized the possession of 45 types of semi-automatic firearms. Many of these weapons are legal in other states, and there are currently 21 states suing in federal court, seeking to overturn the new Maryland anti-assault-weapon prohibitions.

Maryland has almost a zero-tolerance attitude toward the possession of concealed firearms, and some have accused Maryland law enforcement of targeting out-of-state drivers from states, where the right to carry concealed firearms is more tolerated.

Other Charges

A Howard County criminal lawyer with our firm can also assist you if you or a loved one have been charged with other violent or non-violent offenses.  Our practice areas include:

Criminal Lawyers Can Help With Felonies and Misdemeanors

Violent crimes, sex crimes, and other serious crimes are charged as felony offenses in Maryland. The prison sentences resulting from a felony conviction can range from a suspended sentence to a lifetime of incarceration. For those released on parole or after completion of a sentence, probation can have stringent requirements for compliance, and the probationary period can be quite lengthy.

However, there is no such thing as a “minor” criminal charge—even less serious offenses, such as misdemeanors, require serious legal attention. In today’s computer-driven and information-based age, a criminal record of any sort has ramifications well beyond the primary punishment one may receive for a criminal conviction in the way of fines and incarceration.

A criminal record can impact your life forever and negatively affect your career, job prospects, professional licensing, credit, relationships, security clearances, and much more. When you’ve been accused of any crime, the stakes are high. A conviction for a crime carries legal penalties and personal consequences that can have a lasting and destructive impact on your freedom, family, and finances. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a Howard County criminal lawyer, who can work with you to minimize the impact of criminal charges on your future.

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