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A criminal offense conviction may be punishable with fines, incarceration, or both. The impact of a conviction does not go away when the criminal penalties end. A Maryland criminal attorney knows that even when the offense is comparatively nominal it can still negatively impact the life of an individual, so any criminal charge should be treated as a serious issue.

Two of the most common criminal offenses in Germantown are domestic violence and impaired driving, both of which carry criminal and administrative penalties. If facing charges in the area, contact a local Germantown criminal lawyer who has spent years working in the jurisdiction and can offer experienced legal representation.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence in Germantown, Maryland is abuse between family, household members, and former cohabitants. It includes assault, battery, sexual offenses, stalking, and false imprisonment. When there is an allegation of domestic violence, a victim can file for a protective or peace order. For an order of protection. the alleged victim only has to establish that the described acts have probably occurred. 

If the individual who has had a claim filed against them by another person with whom they live with, a protective order may impact their ability to return home, visit their children, and or see other family members.

Even though a protective and peace order are considered civil petitions, criminal penalties that exist for violations of those orders and, if convicted, disobeying an order of protection may also be punished criminally with 90 days and up to one-year imprisonment, depending on the number of prior offenses for disobeying the order. A criminal lawyer in Germantown understands these concepts and can help with building a strong defense. 

Burglary and Robbery

A Germantown criminal lawyer is aware of the differences between burglary and robbery offenses. Burglary is charged to an individual who has broken into a home or building with intent to commit a crime once inside. An entry point does not have to be physically broken to be charged with the offense; entering a closed or locked entry point, without authorization, is sufficient.

The location and intent of the individual committing a burglary can modify the charge, which in turn impacts the penalty. Burglary has four classifications and the penalties can range from three years’ imprisonment to 20 years imprisonment, which is what could happen if charged with first-degree burglary. 

Robbery is defined as taking property or services from another, through the use of force or threat of force. It is a serious felony offense that alone could result in a sentence of 15 years incarceration.

The penalty for robbery is more severe when a weapon was used or there was a threat to use a weapon. Maryland is distinct from other jurisdictions in the penalty for attempted robbery. In Maryland, an unsuccessful robbery attempt has the same consequences as robbery.

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Benefits of a Hiring an Attorney

When facing charges, regardless of the offense, it is imperative to seek representation from an experienced Germantown criminal attorney.

A conviction does not end with the criminal penalties, and can affect future aspects such as employment and housing. It is wise to seek counsel through the process by a knowledgeable professional whose job it is to guide their client towards a more positive available outcome.