Dorchester County Criminal Lawyer

A Maryland criminal lawyer understands that being convicted of a criminal offense has a negative impact on an integrity reputation of an individual within society. As a result, outside of navigating the criminal justice system, which is an experience on its own, a conviction can drastically change the course of a person’s life. If charged with a criminal offense on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, contact a Dorchester County criminal defense attorney that will work in order to protect the reputation and freedom of their client.

Criminal Charges

Criminal offenses in Dorchester County are categorized as misdemeanor offenses and felony offenses. Comparatively, misdemeanor offenses are less serious charges, which are punishable with up to one year in jail and fines up to $2,500. A felony is a crime that has more severe penalties, including serious fines and life imprisonment.

Some of the most common charges in Dorchester County include:

  • Domestic Violence: In Maryland, domestic violence is assault, battery, unwanted sexual contact, stalking, and/or prohibiting someone from freely leaving when the accused is a family or household member.
  • Sex Crimes: Rape, forcefully engaging or attempting to engage in a sexual act with another person without their consent, child pornography, hiring a minor for prohibited purposes, and soliciting a minor for sexual acts are all sex crimes in Maryland. A conviction for any of these crimes would require database registration. Registrable sex crimes are those that require the defendant to register as a sex offender for an established time or the remainder of the defendant’s life.
  • Drug Possession: In Dorchester County and throughout Maryland, marijuana is a Schedule I substance; however, it is the only one that is punishable as a civil offense, rather than as a criminal offense, when the amount possessed is small enough that it is presumed to be for personal use. Possession of Schedule I, Schedule II, and Schedule III substances can be punishable with both fines and incarceration.
  • Theft: Knowingly or willfully taking another’s property, with intent to permanently deprive the owner, without authorization or through deception constitutes theft in Maryland. The amount taken would determine whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony and the corresponding penalty.
  • White Collar Crimes: Embezzlement, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, insider trading, internet crimes, and tax crimes are all classified as white collar crimes. They are financially motivated crimes that are non-violent in nature and usually occur by someone without authorization to act on the behalf of a person or entity that is defrauded.

Additional Penalties

In addition to any criminal penalties, a conviction in Dorchester County can have other negative impacts. A conviction for any dishonest or violent crimes can make it difficult to secure housing following penance to society. It is difficult to secure housing if the conviction was for a felony offense and if the nature of the offense was a sex crime, it is more difficult because a person may be further limited by the proximity to existing businesses and entities.

Hire an Attorney

When facing criminal charges, the future of an individual is at stake. Criminal Lawyers in Dorchester will work their hardest to either eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of a criminal offense. Contact an experienced Dorchester County criminal lawyer without delay to maximize the possibility of a positive outcome.