Ocean City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges can have life-altering consequences, and a conviction could lead to the loss of your employment, reputation, and freedom. Many criminal offenses also carry high fines that can devastate your finances and, depending on the severity of the crime, you could face many years in state prison and the loss of certain constitutional rights.

Fortunately, with an experienced Ocean City criminal defense lawyer by your side, you could build a defense that is uniquely tailored to your case. Experienced attorneys could help you fight back against your charges.

Defenses in Criminal Cases

There are several types of criminal offenses in the state. Some are civil offenses that simply require the payment of a monetary fine and do not carry potential jail time. Misdemeanor offenses may result in both fines and jail time, but are still less serious than a felony offense. Felonies are the most severe and may result in the loss of constitutional rights, lengthy prison sentences, and high fines.

Every criminal case deserves a strong defense created by a local criminal defense lawyer. Compelling evidence and strategic preparation could possibly reduce or dismiss the charges against a criminal defendant.

Criminal Offenses

Criminal law in the state sets forth many different types of offenses that range in severity. These crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Violent offenses (domestic violence, assault, murder)
  • Theft offenses (burglary, robbery, petty theft)
  • Fraud (bribery, embezzlement, tax fraud)
  • Sex offenses (sexual assault, rape, statutory offenses)
  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)
  • Drug charges (manufacture, possession, distribution)
  • Weapons offenses (knives, guns, dangerous ordinances)

A skilled attorney in the area could help a defendant mitigate the consequences of their criminal offense regardless of its category.

Criminal Penalties in Ocean City

Criminal penalties are based on the individual minimum and maximum prison sentences listed for a specific offense, which means that each charge carries its own particular criminal penalty. Maryland has complicated sentencing guidelines that judges must consider when imposing a sentence. However, they are not always required to follow those worksheets.

Every crime carries potentially different penalties. To understand the potential risks, a criminal defendant should consult with their nearby attorney.

Building a Strong Defense

A strong defense is key to protecting a defendant’s rights at trial and before. In many cases, prosecutors overcharge based on the facts of the case, often to force a plea bargain or scare the defendant into believing their situation is hopeless. However, with the trained eye of a qualified criminal lawyer in Ocean City, a strong defense is possible.

Common and effective defense strategies include:

  • Interviewing witnesses and other interested parties
  • Filing suppression motions to exclude unconstitutionally collected evidence
  • Presenting reasonable doubt to the jury
  • Reconstructing the scene of the crime
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor for reduced charges
  • Researching case law for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case

While there are many more possible avenues a competent lawyer can take to build a defense, these demonstrate just a few of the ways hiring legal representation can benefit an accused individual.

Consult an Ocean City Criminal Defense Attorney for Advice

Every criminal defendant has the right to representation by a qualified attorney. You should have a defense that is crafted specifically for you based on the facts of your case. An experienced Ocean City criminal defense lawyer could be your advocate throughout the entire legal process and come up with the legal strategies that could get the best results in court. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your case.