Laurel Criminal Lawyer

A criminal charge, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, has the potential to dramatically change your life. From imprisonment to fines and a permanent criminal record, the consequences if convicted can be quite severe. A Laurel criminal lawyer understands what you are up against and has the experience and knowledge to help whenever possible.

Benefits of a Laurel Criminal Lawyer

The stakes are high when you are charged with a crime. Not only do you face legal penalties like prison time and fines, but you also have to face personal consequences like the loss of support and even the loss of your job. While each criminal statute is very different and prescribes an individual potential penalty, those classified as misdemeanors typically carry less than a year behind bars, while felonies can carry up to life in prison. No matter what charge you face, you want to avoid the maximum allowable penalties whenever possible. A criminal defense attorney in Laurel can help.

Working with Laurel Criminal Lawyers

When you work with one of the talented and aggressive members of our legal team, you have someone on your side who will ensure your rights are protected, and will work towards a positive resolution on your case. The final resolution of the case can vary greatly depending on your criminal history, the unique facts of the case, and many other factors. From negotiating a plea bargain to fighting the charges at trial, we can defend clients accused of crimes like:

If you were arrested in Laurel, your case will likely be heard in the Prince George’s County District Court, on Rhode Island Avenue in Hyattsville. Even if you have faced criminal charges before, going before any one of the judges in this court can be intimidating. But hiring an aggressive attorney to help handle your defense like those with our firm can help make you as confident as possible during these difficult times.

In order to help you understand the case against you and what can be done, we offer a free initial consultation to new clients. It’s during this consultation that you can learn more about your rights and your options in regards to your criminal case.