Calvert County Criminal Lawyer

Facing a criminal offense is a daunting experience. In this situation, a client may be required to trust a relative stranger with information that they would not otherwise tell anyone. Having the right representation is crucial when seeking guidance through decisions that could impact their freedom and family.

In Calvert County, establishing a good defense in a criminal case starts by obtaining a Maryland criminal attorney with whom they can have a good working relationship with and has a strong understanding of the laws that surround a case. Additionally, their attorney should be detail oriented during the investigation and trial.

Accordingly, it is highly beneficial for the accused to have an attorney that they can trust with such a matter. If a person has been charged with a criminal offense, then contact an experienced Calvert County criminal lawyer, who can build a strong defense for their case in order to achieve the most positive outcome possible.

Calvert County Court

Criminal cases are held in either a circuit or district court; the location of the hearing depends on the seriousness of the offense. Calvert County District Court is located in Prince Fredrick, Maryland, which is in the Fourth District. Misdemeanor and felony cases that are punishable by less than three years imprisonment and fines up to $2,500 are held in district court. District court cases are adjudicated by judges, but the case may be moved to circuit court when either party requests a jury trial.

Felony cases in Maryland that involve a sentence of incarceration in excess of three years are held in circuit court. Calvert County Circuit Court is in the Seventh Judicial Circuit, which is also located in Prince Fredrick, Maryland. Cases that are held within circuit court may be adjudicated by a judge or jury.

Unlike nearby jurisdictions, domestic violence cases in Maryland are not limited to family court. They may be heard in circuit and district court. Additionally, protective orders may be filed in either court, but peace orders may only be heard in district court. As such, the accused may be required to report for a hearing on a related matter in a different court.

When a protective or peace order is tangentially connected to a pending criminal case in Calvert County, it is best that the same lawyer is there to represent the accused in both proceedings. This ensures that the attorney is aware of all the allegations that have been made against their client by a party that has resulted in criminal charges being filed. It also allows the attorney to guide the accused with knowledge of the court’s orders to date.

Advantages of Working with a Lawyer 

The ramifications of a criminal conviction in Calvert County can extend beyond the initial sentencing. Solely being charged with a criminal offense can have a negative impact on a person’s daily life because it can alter their reputation in the community and cause their private life to become open for public consumption. Moreover, the penalties, if convicted of a criminal offense, do not end once the proverbial debt to society has been paid.

A criminal record can impact a person’s ability to remain employed, depending on an Employer’s policies, find new employment, secure housing in some cases, and dictate daily movements. With consequences so severe, having a skilled and trustworthy criminal attorney in Calvert County representing a person is not just important; it is necessary.