Bethesda Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can often feel overwhelming. It may be difficult to know where to begin, who to talk to, and how to proceed while ensuring that a person’s rights are protected. If a person is seeking legal representation for misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, it is important that they contact an experienced Bethesda, MD criminal lawyer who can give them peace of mind and help them build an effective defense in their case.

Types of Charges

If a person is facing either misdemeanor or felony criminal charges in Bethesda, a qualified attorney can assist in their case. An attorney can be experienced in, but not limited to:

Criminal charges invoke many different types of penalties, ranging from small fines for traffic violations to substantial jail time for more serious offenses. There is a wide range of how serious a charge may be, however, any sort of conviction could leave a permanent stain on a person’s record. Any sort of conviction can make it difficult to find employment, get accepted into certain schools, and negatively affect other important aspects of life.

Taking the initial step to avoid the consequences of a criminal charge on a person’s record is to contact an experienced Bethesda criminal attorney. A seasoned lawyer can help to guide a person through this process, ensuring that their rights are protected and that they receive the most positive outcome attainable.

Bethesda and Courthouse Information

Bethesda, Maryland is located in Montgomery County, about six miles from Washington, DC. Known as one of the most renowned communities in the DC area, Bethesda is home to the National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine, and the National Naval Medical Center. The city also hosts a variety of different cultural scenes, including ethnic restaurants, art and music venues, and more.

As one of the most wealthy and educated communities in the United States, the city hosts a substantial number of residents (over 60,000 as of 2013). Many people who live in Bethesda commute to the neighboring District of Columbia for work, as there is a stop on the red line of the Washington Metro transit system conveniently located within the city.

Since Bethesda is located in Montgomery County, criminal cases are typically heard at one of the two Montgomery County Courts. The Montgomery County District Courts (6th District) are located at 191 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20850, and at 8552 Second Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, both open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Montgomery County Circuit Court (6th Circuit) has the same hours and is located at 50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

Contacting an Attorney

If charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense in Bethesda, Maryland, it is important that a person contacts an experienced criminal lawyer within the area. It is crucial to find an attorney who is determined to build the strongest legal defense possible for their clients. Obtaining the assistance of a skilled attorney is a vital step in helping avoid a conviction and the ramifications that would follow.