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Bethesda Fraud Lawyer

Fraud in Maryland is generally defined as a deliberate attempt of deceit or a deliberate attempt to deceptively secure or unlawfully gain property, money, or something from a service of another. It is to illegally obtain services, property, or money from another.

For anyone charged with this offense, a Bethesda fraud lawyer is essential as the penalties can be very severe. A conviction can not only carry fines and jail time, but may also impact future employment and housing among other things. It is for this reason that consulting with an experienced defense attorney in Bethesda becomes so important.

Common Offenses

The most common offenses a fraud attorney in Bethesda defends against are theft from an employer, check fraud and identity theft. There is also counterfeiting, which is passing something off as official and genuine when it is not. 

For example, an individual can counterfeit watches, clothing, designer bags, and gear of that nature. Also, there is an investment fraud, such as pyramid schemes and things of that nature.

Effect of the Technology 

The internet has created an explosion of fraud cases and has made them difficult for law enforcement to follow. Someone can apply for a credit card online and purchase things delivered to any address. Credit cards have been around for decades. Previously, if somebody stole a credit card, they have to go to the store to use it, at which point there could be surveillance and they could be caught.

Now if someone steals the credit card, they could do so from their computer. Halfway across the country, a person can apply for a credit card, get the credit card number, get it activated, and buy things without ever leaving a single untraceable room. So much can be done online and then it makes it profoundly difficult to both stop and catch those committing acts of fraud.

Contacting Representation

In fraud cases, individuals are investigated before they are charged. If there is any indication that they are even being investigated, they need to call an attorney immediately. For example, say an individual called a Bethesda fraud lawyer to inform him or her about the fact that there was a case against them and said that the police stopped by at their house and asked to bring them in later for questioning.

An attorney can call the officer, and find out what the individual who called was being investigated for. From then, it is possible to work with the prosecutor who ordered the investigation and come to an agreement upon matters such as avoiding an issue of an arrest warrant.

Had that individual never called, he or she would have been arrested and could have inadvertently said something that could be used against them later in regards to getting charged. That is why it is so critical to get somebody from the very beginning in order to protect oneself from these situations.