Bethesda Fraud Investigations

The process of these investigations are very complex, and detail oriented in comparison to other types of criminal investigations. As such, the prosecution and defense will both be very involved in collecting as much evidence as possible in order to prove their case.

Fraud investigations in Bethesda are delicate procedures, and often people who do not have experience within this field, or are being charged for the first time, make mistakes that can negatively affect their case. Therefore, it is important to understand the facts and how having legal representation can help.

Requirements of the Prosecution

Regardless of what type of fraud case that is at hand, the prosecutor has to be able to associate the individual charged with the supposed improper activity. If it is a credit card being used that is stolen, they have to prove that the person used the credit card and that they knew that they should not have been using it to make a purchase. An individual can be charged of fraud and not be aware of the fact that they were committing such an action.

For example, an individual can be in a situation where a friend or affiliate asks them to buy something for them as a favor, and gives them a credit card to go and do so. If that credit card was stolen, that individual can end up facing a fraud investigation for a purchase that was made in Bethesda. The prosecutors in this situation would gather surveillance footage to show the individual using the stolen card. Proving that the individual in this situation was making a conscious decision to commit the action will be different.

There are many different types of situations, but the key components that the prosecution in Bethesda will be looking for within a fraud investigation would be if they have the ability to connect the person with the action, and if they can prove that he or she did so knowingly.

Complexity of Fraud Investigations

Fraud cases are not clear cut, they are generally far more complex and they are paper intensive. Fraud investigations in Bethesda tend to include a paper trail where an attorney can see who involved checks are made payable to, if there was there cash taken, where the checks were deposited, old phone records, and also records of transactions. In some cases, the history of the fraud goes over a period of years.

In those types of fraud investigations, there will be hundreds of bits of evidence to analyze. For example, in an embezzlement fraud investigation in Bethesda, there have been cases where dozens of checks were involved. In correlation with those checks, every bank statement would have to be looked at to review all of the transactions, how the money was spent, and where or when anything may have occurred. In conclusion, when investigating fraud, it can be a very lengthy and detail oriented process.

Commonly Made Mistakes

When an individual in Bethesda is under an investigation for fraud, the normal response is to be nervous and have no idea what to do. This is when mistakes happen if legal representation is not sought out immediately.

In many cases, a person has never been accused of committing a felony, theft, or a fraud in any way. In this situation, many individuals try to help themselves, by speaking with investigators. This is a huge mistake. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is important because at that point no one can talk to their without having the attorney’s permission and consent.