Bethesda Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Credit card fraud is a criminal offense that is defined as obtaining, applying, or reusing someone’s credit card without permission to obtain goods or services.

If you are facing a credit card fraud charge in Bethesda, it is important to consult with a Bethesda credit card fraud lawyer as soon as possible. This conviction is very disrupting to a person’s life, therefore, it is wise to start building a defense right away.

Potential Penalties of Fraud

When convicted of credit card fraud by the Bethesda criminal justice system, penalties include up to eighteen months of incarceration and/or a $500 fine may be applied.

When the prosecution is unable to overcome their burden of proof, a conviction will be avoided. However, in some situations, a conviction is unavoidable. In these situations, a Bethesda credit card fraud attorney can argue a case to mitigate or minimize the sentencing. For example, reducing the sentence from jail time to restitution, community service, and other alternative ways of paying back the debt owed to society.

Theft by Skimmer

A skimmer is a device that gathers the information of a card that is swiped through it. They can gain access to pin numbers, account information, and other things of that nature that are encoded on a magnetic strip of a card.

It is a small device and could be used in a number of ways. For example, a cashier could take an individual’s card and swipe it on their own device. Additionally, people set skimmers at ATMs to steal card information.

When an individual steals that information, they then can use it online or to apply for another credit card for the purpose of making illegal purchases.

Common Misconceptions

The main misconception that a credit card fraud attorney in Bethesda usually comes across is that credit card fraud is not considered a serious one. This is because they believe credit card companies will refund any illicit charges.

The jurisdiction of Bethesda prosecutes this type of offense in an aggressive manner because of the harm it can inflict on the average citizen and their financial future.

Role of Legal Representation

The number one responsibility of a credit card fraud lawyer in Bethesda is to be your spokesperson and guide through this unfortunate process. Additionally, an attorney can help you make the right decisions in light of the facts surrounding the credit card fraud case.