Cecil County Criminal Lawyer

Being accused of a crime can be an overwhelming experience. Chances are good, you are feeling overwhelmed, nervous and unsure of what the future lies. You want answers but do not know where to turn. The answers lie with a Cecil County criminal lawyer. Aggressive, tactful representation can mean the difference between getting your case dismissed and going to the prison. When facing serious charges, you need serious guidance. From the day of your arrest through the end of the case, an experienced criminal attorney can be beneficial to protecting your rights and the overall outcome of your case.

Maryland Criminal Laws

Whether handling a misdemeanor or felony, an experienced Cecil County criminal lawyer is invaluable. The Maryland Code defines a variety of specific crimes, with elements of the offense and potential penalties that people convicted may face. The language that the information is written in can be dense and confusing for those not familiar with legalese.

In general, misdemeanors are less serious in nature than felonies. Fines and penalties associated with misdemeanors are usually lower than those in place for felonies. If multiple misdemeanors occur at the same time or over a short period of time, though, the charge can be upgraded to the felony level.

Having a criminal record, using a weapon, using physical aggression or the presence of a child can also increase the penalties a person faces. People convicted of misdemeanors and felonies alike can face jail time, fines and permanent marks on their criminal record.

People arrested have a right to know the charges being filed against them. They are arraigned and then must decide on what plea to enter in the initial hearing. A knowledgeable Cecil County criminal lawyer can help weigh the pros and cons of each option and offer advice.

Tireless Criminal Defense

Just because a person has been accused of a crime does not mean they are necessarily guilty, but plenty of innocent people are sentenced to prison because they lack the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney. A Cecil County criminal lawyer could investigate the circumstances surrounding a case, gather witness testimony, and work to determine a course forward. Establishing a solid defense is critical to a person’s success in court, and formulating one can be difficult without an experienced attorney.

How a Cecil County Criminal Attorney Can Help

Stay out of jail and keep your criminal record clean with the help of a Cecil County criminal lawyer. After an arrest, your life may feel out of control. The one thing you can do to better your situation is to hire an attorney. Not only will the presence of an attorney be reassuring to your frayed nerves, an attorney can help look into whether or not your rights were violated upon arrest. They can also ensure that any unfair testimony or evidence is not used against you in court. If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in the Cecil County area, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A confidential consultation could be the start of the journey to clear your name.