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In the criminal justice system, serious crimes net serious consequences. Being found guilty of a felony in Maryland carries consequences that can dramatically damage your life, from lengthy prison sentences to a lifetime of restricted privileges as a convicted felon. Even the mere allegation of criminal activity can cause not only legal difficulties, but also personal ramifications as the accused is eyed with suspicion by co-workers, friends, and even family members. Schedule a free consultation a Maryland felony lawyer to learn more about the charges you are facing today.

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Far too often, those accused of felony crimes or investigated for involvement in felony acts do not understand their Constitutional rights. They may hesitate to hire a Maryland felony lawyer, feeling that seeking legal counsel makes them appear as if they have something to hide. They may speak freely with police, investigators, and legal authorities, feeling that this cooperation will help “clear things up.” However, speaking to investigators without the counsel of a qualified Maryland felony attorney is perhaps the most critical mistake one can make in defending against felony criminal charges.

Miranda rights proclaim that anything you say can and will be used against you. Your words may be misconstrued. False or inaccurate confessions may be wheedled from the accused through manipulative interrogation. Hiring a Maryland felony lawyer is not an indication of guilt; it is a right deemed so important that it is upheld in the Constitution. Do not speak with police, do not consent to questioning or a search, do not say anything about your case to anyone until you have had a chance to speak with your Maryland felony lawyer.

Felony Crimes in Maryland

Virtually everyone has had some experience on the wrong side of the law, if only for a minor traffic infraction. A few have been accused of misdemeanor offenses such as petty theft or first offense DUI. The most serious criminal offenses, however, are charged as felonies, and conviction of a felony crime often leads to years, even a lifetime, in prison. Even upon parole or release from prison, a convicted felon is subject to extended probation and the loss of rights, such as the ability to own a firearm or work in certain professions. Felony sex offenses can lead to lifetime sex offender registration, which severely restricts housing options, employment possibilities, and even recreational activities. A Maryland felony lawyer is instrumental in protecting the rights of those accused of felony acts, ensuring a fair trial, upholding justice, and helping the defendant avoid inflated charges and excessive sentencing.

When finding a defense lawyer to handle your felony case, it is important to look for an attorney with specific experience representing defendants accused of serious felonies. Your Maryland felony lawyer should have the knowledge, skill, and determination to uncover evidence to support your case, to protect against illegal police procedures, and to aggressively pursue every option for your defense.

Our attorneys have experience defending clients charged in criminal matters. We provide legal counsel and defense for those accused of serious felony crimes in Maryland:

With criminal penalties ranging from just over a year to life in prison, fines reaching tens of thousands of dollars, and a possible conviction that can limit your opportunities for the rest of your life, a felony charge should be taken seriously by the defendant and the Maryland felony lawyer handling the case. Professional and diligent, our attorneys are committed to providing assertive, quality defense for clients charged with felony acts in Maryland.

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Your attorney will not only offer sound legal advice on how to proceed when confronted with questioning, but will protect you from illegal search and seizure and other improper police procedures. She will pursue every avenue for your defense, making sure that you are allowed every option for a positive outcome to your case.

If you are suspected of a crime, investigated or arrested for involvement in a criminal offense, or charged with a felony, contact us for a free consultation of your case.