Maryland Robbery Lawyer

Maryland law uses the common law definition of robbery. It views robbery as a theft plus an assault, or when a person takes property through a threat of force. One can think of it as a mix of theft and assault. Robbery charges in Maryland are generally treated more severely than other types of assault or theft charges. When a person is charged with robbery, they will want a Maryland criminal defense lawyer on their side who can help them understand the charges and what the potential penalties.

Severity of Robbery Charges in Maryland

Robbery is treated seriously because it has elements of both theft and assault charges. In an assault case, there is usually no taking; there is just an assault. In a theft case, there is usually no violence; there is just a taking of goods. When you have both, prosecutors and judges tend to look at it much more harshly than they do if you have one or the other. In such instances, it is important to have an experienced robbery lawyer in Maryland to guide you through your defense.

Penalties in for a Robbery Conviction

The maximum penalty for robbery in the state of Maryland can vary between a fifteen to thirty year prison sentence depending on the nature of the robbery. A simple robbery where there is no weapon carries a maximum penalty of fifteen years. Armed robbery carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. Carjacking (a specific type of robbery) carries a maximum penalty of 30 years of incarceration. If a case is not argued well on behalf of the person charged with robbery, they could spend at least a decade and probably even more in prison.

Approach to Investigating and Defending Robbery Cases

The first steps a Maryland robbery attorney should taken when working on a robbery case is talk to the client and ask the client exactly what happened to get their view of the facts of the case. The next thing a MD criminal defense lawyer should do is demand discovery from the State Attorney’s office. They should obtain copies of all the police reports, any forensic evidence, any scientific evidence, any witness statements and cameras.

A robbery lawyer in Maryland should review all of the evidence to see if the prosecution is able to prove their case. Then they would plan and execute a trial strategy. The trial strategy is going to depend on both the jurisdiction where the offense is charged as well as the facts of the case. Every case is going to be unique based on the facts and the jurisdiction.

Contact an Experienced Maryland Robbery Lawyer Today

Robbery is a very serious criminal charge in Maryland. It carries significant periods of incarceration. It can have permanent effects on an individual’s livelihood as well as on their ability to maintain employment or find new employment. Depending how the case plays out, it can change a person’s life. Having an experienced Maryland robbery lawyer who understands the system and the law, but also knows the individuals involved in the case, is going to have a very significant impact on this potentially life-changing incident. Do not wait to seek counsel if you have been implicated in a robbery case. A Maryland robbery attorney will be ready to help you when you call today to schedule a consultation.