Maryland Domestic Violence Attorney

When a seemingly insignificant argument escalates into a physical confrontation, the situation quickly becomes a serious criminal matter. Often when police respond to a domestic disturbance, the wrong person is arrested.  This may be that the attacker was them self injured in the confrontation and accuses you of being the aggressor, or perhaps the police simply do not want to bothered with resolving who did what and end up arresting everyone, including the victim.

Fortunately a Maryland domestic violence lawyer can provide aggressive representation and defense for those charged with domestic violence, including assault charges, spousal abuse and restraining order violations, including peace order and protective order violations. Contact a defense attorney to protect your rights today.

Domestic Violence Laws

domestic-violence-laws-bookA domestic violence conviction, which is actually covered under the same state codes as first- and second-degree assault (Title 3, Subtitle 2 of the Maryland state criminal law code), could result in either a felony or a misdemeanor. While the penalties associated with a misdemeanor can be severe and include incarceration, probation, house arrest, restraining orders, fines and community service, the penalties associated with a felony are even worse.

Not only could an individual be subject to more extreme forms of the above penalties, but a felony conviction on your permanent record could make it virtually impossible to find employment in your field of expertise, housing, a loan for a vehicle, and more.

Elements of Domestic Violence

In the years of practice, our domestic violence attorneys in Maryland have defended clients in every scenario including:

  • Husband and wife
  • Father and son
  • Domestic partners
  • Adult siblings
  • Cousins, Grandparents and all extended family
  • Parent and child

Often a victim presses charges, thinking that he or she can always elect to drop those charges at a later date.  However, even if the victim does not wish to proceed with the charges, Prosecutors may may elect to go forward and continue against the wishes of the victim.

With this said, often the only way to avoid substantial jail time and incarceration from an assault conviction is to conduct a full trial. A Maryland domestic violence attorney can assist by revealing the full story and mitigating factors: self-defense or mutual combat, the victim’s intoxication or mental illness, and often trumped-up charges stemming from a divorce or child custody dispute.

Protective Orders

protective-ordersOnce a party is released following an arrest or bonded out, a general condition of pre-trial release is that the accused have no contact with the alleged victim in the matter.  This precludes an individual from returning to their home or from having any contact with the victim.

In the alternative, victims often file for a Protective or Peace Order, which, unlike the general condition of pretrial release that dictates no contact, is more permanent and can have far-reaching implications and consequences.

An experienced domestic violence attorney in Maryland will fight any motion for a permanent order, which would otherwise prevent the individual from returning home, seeing their children, or attempting to reconcile with their partner. Additionally, an attorney can vigorously defend you if you face new criminal charges for stalking, harassment or other violations of a restraining/protective/peace order.

Contacting A Domestic Violence Lawyer

Being convicted of domestic violence can and will change your life forever. A reputable Maryland domestic violence attorney will help you fight the charges, protect your rights, and work to restore you life to normal.

A lawyer can work with you to develop a defense strategy that meets your needs. Every case is different, and particularly with domestic violence charges, different people may be seeking different outcomes. Contact a lawyer for a consultation and see if you feel that attorney is right to represent you in your case.

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Review Title: Oleg was always professional and knows his work. He offered solid advice through the entire process and helped me look great in arraignment and hearings. He knows the judges and procedures and I was very pleased with how he represented me. Everything that he expected to happen was what ended up happening. Even though my case was simple, I had interviewed two other attorneys before choosing him. When everything was wrapped up I felt I had made a great decision.

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