Maryland Child Abuse Lawyer 

Child abuse and even child neglect are acts involving children of a certain age for failure to act. Child abuse can refer to a physical injury of some sort or, to the exploitation of a child. However, child neglect, which also falls under the same category, is the failure to do something for a child, such as not giving them proper food and nutrition, sending them outside without clothes in the wintertime, and not properly caring for a child as a parent or adult should.

Child abuse and child neglect allegations are quite serious and can be damaging to a person’s reputation. In a moment of difficulty, you need a Maryland child abuse lawyer that can understand what you are going through, and can help you defend yourself against accusations of child abuse. If you are in need of legal representation, contact a capable domestic violence attorney.

Who Reports Abuse

Unlike many other victims of crimes, frequently it is not the child that reports. It is teacher, parent, or the adult. Unlike other criminal charges, the victim in child abuse cases is not the one that typically reports the alleged abuse or activities.

Frequently, it is a third party, such as a teacher, adults, or some other individual that either observes injuries or hears something from the child, and feels compelled or is obligated to report it to authorities like the Department of Social Services or the District Attorney’s Office. From there an investigation can begin. Prosecutors, detectives, and investigators will look into it and will see whether there is a basis to file a charge against an adult. A Maryland child abuse lawyer will investigate with equal determination for anything that can help the accused build a solid defense.

Effects on a Civil Case

The consequences of child abuse allegations depend on the civil case. A child abuse case could have the Department of Social Services take action against the person where they can lose their children. There can be a civil lawsuit where someone could file against the person for an intentional infliction of emotional distress.


When accused of child abuse law violations in Maryland, someone could be arrested, held without bond if it is serious, and suffer significant collateral consequences, such as losing employment, having to leave a residence, having no contact with certain family members, such as children, or having to go to other places. Those can happen immediately.

If somebody is convicted, they can be facing considerable years of incarceration, limited ability to see their family or children, and the stigma of being a convicted felon, a child abuser, or listed on the sex offender registry if such allegations are included. The council of a Maryland child abuse lawyer can help someone accused of child abuse allegations minimize the severity of these consequences.

Importance of a Lawyer

There are few allegations more serious or heinous than those against children. Prosecutors are extremely adamant and zealous in their prosecution of these cases, and judges and juries are very unsympathetic. If you are facing these charges, you could be facing significant incarceration and consequences that require immediate help from a Maryland child abuse lawyer who is qualified to represent you and assist you through this process.