Maryland Spousal Abuse Lawyer 

Domestic violence is a term that refers to a variety of actions and interactions between various relationships. In some instances, domestic violence can refer to violent acts committed by a parent and child, which is typically referred to as child abuse. In other instances, it could refer to violent interactions occurring between non-related people who are cohabitating. Most people use domestic violence to specifically refer to violence between two people who are married. This is commonly known as spousal abuse.

Spousal abuse allegations can not only damage your reputation, they can also have lasting implications. When facing accusations, the counsel of an experienced domestic violence lawyer can be beneficial.  Therefore, if you face spousal abuse accusations, talking to a Maryland spousal abuse lawyer can be an important step in defending yourself against these claims.

Spousal Abuse Defined

Domestic violence is an overarching term that involves family members. Spousal abuse refers to abuse that happens within the context of a married relationship. A brother and sister or parent and child can be involved in domestic violence, but only people married can be under the category of spousal. When violence occurs between spouses, whether it is a husband-wife, husband-husband, or wife-wife, pairing since gay marriage is legal in Maryland, it all falls under the charge of domestic violence.

Repercussions of Abuse

The prosecutors deal very delicately whenever a situation involves spousal abuse or assault charges among individuals that are married. Unlike strangers or two acquaintances, it involves two people that at one point in time devoted their life to each other and decided that they want to share the rest of their lives together. Now they are in a situation where one committed a criminal act of violence supposedly against the other.

While the prosecutors deal with it delicately, they are more aggressive in prosecution. Very frequently the victim of spousal abuse will not report it for quite some time because they feel an obligation to try to protect their abuser. That is why prosecutors feel the need to press harder in many instances in these types of cases and why it is important to work with a Maryland spousal abuse lawyer that will press just as hard in order to defend the accused.

Spousal abuse would generally lead to charges of second-degree assault or even first-degree assault in some cases. In addition, there is an agreement to file for a protective order. A person accused can be charged, arrested, and prosecuted, and even incarcerated if the judge or jury deems it appropriate upon a finding of guilt.

Consequences of a Conviction

An individual convicted of spousal abuse in Maryland could be incarcerated and placed on probation or they may have to do anger management counseling, treatments, or restrictions on movement and have a criminal record for a crime of violence.

Someone who has a conviction for second-degree assault, for example, is going to have a criminal record permanently. They are precluded from possessing a firearm for the rest of their lives and they may have problems getting jobs and finding housing. All the repercussions of that nature may happen.

Importance of Speaking With a Maryland Spousal Abuse Lawyer

Only a Maryland spousal abuse lawyer that deals with these types of cases will know the intricacies involved and understand the procedures, defenses, and protocols to follow. A skilled lawyer will know what needs to be done to obtain an optimal result in a situation where someone is charged. Getting in touch with a lawyer allows you to take the first step, and ensures that you have someone familiar with domestic violence policies, who can guide you through the process.