Harford County Criminal Lawyer

A criminal conviction in Harford County, much like in the rest of Maryland, can have a negative impact on the life of an individual in aspects other than incarceration and fines. The seriousness of the allegation may vary, however, whether it is only a misdemeanor or a more serious felony charge, both can have the potential to alter the life of any individual.

Therefore, if anyone has been charged with a criminal offense within the area, it is important they contact a local Harford County criminal lawyer that is skilled at orchestrating a strong defense for their clients.  An experienced attorney can work to investigate the specific allegations made against the individual and ensure that as strong a defense as possible is put forth.

Providing Details

The first step is to seek the help of a criminal lawyer in Harford County. He or she will prepare the best defense possible for the criminal case, however, the attorney will need assistance from their client in order to start the process. During the first meeting with the attorney, she or he will need an accurate description of the facts from their client that ultimately placed them into their current situation. It is important during this meeting for the client to give accurate and complete information, so it may be helpful to create a timeline of the actions and organize a strategy. 

A person facing charges should gather all the documents that were issued to them by the police or the court, and any other relevant documentation that one may be in possession of or are able to obtain. Being prepared to maintain consistent communication with the attorney will ensure that when the lawyer needs additional information, which may be helpful to the case, she or he is able to reach you. As mentioned before, time is of the essence, timely completion of any action requested by the representation could also be beneficial to one’s case.

Benefits of a Local Lawyer

A trusted criminal lawyer in Harford County is vital to both peace of mind and the outcome of the case when a person has been charged with an offense. A private attorney has the ability to devote time to their client’s case in a way that would not be possible or likely if the client were appointed a representative.

It is important to select a representative that has handled similar cases in the jurisdiction that the charges are being filed in. Prosecutors and judges in Harford County, Maryland, like all jurisdictions, have discretion in their cases. That discretion could result in a criminal charge being negotiated to a lesser charge with community service, or it could result in the state requesting the harshest penalty available under the law. 

The discretion could also result in the judge sentencing with the maximum penalty, rather than a lesser option. In either case, the person would be in compliance with the law. A Harford County criminal attorney is aware of the commonly accepted local practices so that she or he is able to guide their client towards a considerably favorable direction, and also in a fashion that is realistic under the related circumstances.