Maryland Federal Criminal Lawyer

Federal Court is a far cry from state courts.  The Federal system carries different rules and frequently far harsher potential prison sentences. Even more so than any state, the United States Federal government has tremendous resources at its disposal to build its case against you.

For these reasons, if you have been arrested or even questioned by federal authorities, or suspect that you are a suspect in a federal crime probe — a Maryland federal criminal lawyer can take immediate steps to so you do not jeopardize any defense you may have.  Contact an attorney in Maryland immediately for a free consultation.

Federal Charges

A Maryland federal defense attorney can address any offense that comes under federal jurisdiction such as:

  • Drug trafficking and importation
  • Fraud and conspiracy
  • Money laundering and white collar crimes
  • Internet-related crimes
  • Murder, robbery or kidnapping
  • Sex Crimes
  • Perjury, false identity and forgery

Difference Between State and Federal Trials

In federal court, unlike state courts, judges impose jail sentences pursuant to strict sentencing guidelines, and many offenses have mandatory minimum prison terms for a conviction. Even the smallest investigation by the federal government may involve the FBI, US Attorney’s office and other federal agencies such as the DEA, ATF or Customs.

The difference between state and federal cases, in general, is whether the case affects interstate commerce. Now, frequently, a state will prosecute what could be charged federally. Federal cases generally are a little bigger and a little more grandiose.

If you are dealing with a business across state lines, more bigger retail stores and things that cross the boundaries of the states, that is something that could be prosecuted federally. It does not necessarily mean it will be, but the federal government is a much bigger animal. They are more experienced, more professional, and generally have stronger prosecutors and much stricter rules are there.

But state cases, generally, are pretty much anything local and can be handled in one county, but if the prosecutor in state court wants to, he/she could always try to refer the case to the federal government and see if they are able to pick it up for federal prosecution.

Many also do not realize that you may be facing both state and federal prosecutions for the same felony offense, which is why you need a federal criminal lawyer in Maryland who is experienced with fighting for your your constitutional rights, federal rules of evidence and federal trial procedures.


Hire a Maryland Federal Criminal Attorney Today

Because the nature of the offense carries a significant potential incarceration, significant legal consequences—on your record, criminal conviction, and sanctions—a Maryland federal criminal attorney can help. Because a prosecutor is not permitted to speak to a defendant, there can be no communication.

An attorney is the person that handles the type of charges and can be intermediary, the voice, and the guide to everything. They can call prosecutors and negotiate with them. They can call witnesses and even call victims where the defendant cannot do any of those things.

Call us at any time for a free initial consultation, the Maryland federal criminal lawyers at our firm assist clients all throughout Maryland, with a central office in Baltimore.

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