Accokeek Criminal Defense Attorney

If you live in Accokeek and you’ve been charged with a crime, it may seem as though no one is on your side. Whether you are not guilty of the allegations or you are facing serious penalties after a moment of poor judgment, you may feel as though public perception has been turned against you. The penalties you are up against in the event of a conviction will vary depending on the charge, but may include fines, jail or prison time, and a long-lasting criminal record. In light of these potential consequences, you need a defense attorney in your corner, and we can be the Accokeek criminal lawyer for the job.

Accokeek Criminal Lawyers Can Help With These Cases

Under the laws of the state of Maryland, you could be facing any number of criminal charges. We have experience defending clients against a number of charges, and can help you if you are accused of one of many felony or misdemeanor offenses, including:

  • Assault
  • Drug Possession
  • Serious Drug Offenses
  • Traffic Crimes
  • Prostitution/Solicitation
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide
  • And more…

The penalty you face for a criminal conviction in Prince George’s County depends on a number of factors, other than the charge. The facts of your case, your criminal history, and even the prosecutor and judge assigned to handle your case can all influence a verdict and sentencing. Generally, felony charges carry the potential for multiple years in prison, while misdemeanors like marijuana possession carry a maximum of one year in jail. By consulting with an Accokeek criminal lawyer you can learn exactly what you are up against and start exploring the various options for your defense.

How Accokeek Criminal Lawyers Help

When you are charged with a crime, your Accokeek criminal lawyer is your advocate in the legal system, the one person who has your back and is interested in seeing you walk away from the case with as little damage as possible. From negotiating a favorable plea agreement with the prosecution to battling it out at trial, your attorney will be able to help you determine the best defense strategy given the facts of your case.

If charged with a crime in Accokeek, your case will likely be heard at the Prince George’s County District Court in Upper Marlboro. The courthouse is located at 14735 Main Street and can seem like a pretty intimidating place, particularly if you are there to answer to criminal charges.

Contact an Accokeek Criminal Lawyer Today

Getting assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney means that you do not have to enter into a complex legal battle on your own. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case and how we might be able to help you during this difficult time.