Marvin Ochoa


Marvin Ochoa

Marvin Ochoa is a unique, skilled, and experienced criminal defense trial attorney at Price Benowitz LLP. He has successfully represented thousands of clients in a plethora of criminal cases from minor traffic to serious felonies across the State of Maryland at the District and Circuit Court levels with outstanding results.

Marvin understands that minor details often make the most difference in any given situation, and utilizes that wisdom to find solutions in courtrooms and in criminal matters where others may not see them. His approach is made up of a dynamic blend of wit, legal acumen, and outright determination to obtain the best and most beneficial results for his clients.

– Voted top 40 under 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Maryland by the National Trial Lawyers in 2022.
– Voted one of the nation’s Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers in 2023.
– Member of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association.

Marvin’s Approach

Throughout his legal career, Marvin has set a high standard for client satisfaction by treating his clients with compassion, respect, and dignity at all times. He fully values his clients’ opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs and uses those particular assets to formulate impressive defensive strategies that are creatively crafted and astoundingly effective.

With a natural capacity to analyze complex evidentiary materials and legal concepts, Marvin also possesses an organic method to explain information to his clients with clarity and purpose. He believes that his clients should always be aware of any updates during every phase of their legal proceedings, and places a strong emphasis on maintaining open lines of communication with his clients and other parties involved in the case.


History & Background

It is imperative for a criminal defense attorney to examine a case thoroughly before soundly advising the client on how to proceed. The idea of fighting every battle may sound noble, but sometimes the best results may be obtained by way of negotiation. Marvin fully understands this and while ready and prepared to fervently fight every case in a bench or a jury trial, he uses his knowledge of the law, and his professional judgment to determine which battles should be engaged in and which battles should be waived. His priority is to achieve the best possible resolution for your case.

Marvin is a Member of the Bar Association of Baltimore City. In 2022, he handled a double attempted murder case in conservative Wicomico County, Maryland. After reviewing large quantities of discovery, Marvin concluded that the facts were heavily unfavorable to his client who was facing two life sentences if found guilty. He determined that going to trial would be unwise, concisely explained the options to his client, and with his client’s authorization, Marvin fervently engaged in negotiations with the prosecutor which culminated in an agreement of no more than 15 years maximum penalty.

Education & Experience

Marvin Ochoa earned his J.D. from the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice from George Mason University.

Since 2019, Marvin has traveled frequently to the U.S./Mexico border to provide pro-bono legal services to children and families trapped there by partnering with a non-profit legal organization in Tijuana, Mexico. He helps vulnerable people understand the U.S. immigration process, and for those who qualify, helps them file petitions for asylum and other humanitarian relief to enter the United States legally. Marvin also enjoys giving back to his community by providing educational opportunities for youth in Washington DC, by offering essential resources to members of the homeless population in the DMV area, and by passionately coaching a U-12 co-ed soccer team in Takoma Park, Md.

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Out of the Courtroom

Marvin is originally from Gonzales, Texas, and lived a portion of his childhood in El Salvador during that country’s civil war. He has resided, however, in the Washington Metropolitan Area for over 30 years, and considers it his home. Marvin is the proud son of immigrant parents from El Salvador and is fluent in Spanish. His commitment, passion, and dedication to vigorously defend his clients are palpable.

In his spare time, Marvin enjoys traveling, appreciating art, learning about other cultures and religions, and relaxing with his family which includes his son Marvin-José, his partner Luisa, and their daughter Miranda Itzel.