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When you are facing a criminal charge, it has the potential to change your life drastically. Not only does a criminal conviction carry serious legal penalties, but the effects of a charge like this have the potential to permanently alter your personal and professional life. When your back is against the wall and the local prosecutor has accused you of a crime, you want a Prince George’s County criminal lawyer on your side who will work tirelessly to potentially minimize the negative effects of this case on your life.

Prince George’s County Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Prince George’s County criminal attorneys can help their clients in a variety of ways. They will work with you to get the most positive results possible on your case. This could be achieved through negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecution, or challenging the evidence against you in court. If the evidence is found to have been seized in violation of your constitutional rights, your Prince George’s County criminal lawyer can seek to have the case thrown out. The right defense strategy for your case is dependent on a number of factors and is crafted after a thorough investigation by your attorney.

Prince George’s County Criminal Offenses

Under Maryland law, there are numerous different criminal charges you could be facing, each one carrying a sentence that could change your life. The crime you are charged with will depend on a number of factors, most importantly the facts of your case and the evidence that the prosecutor has against you. Things like your criminal history could also play a role.

Generally, Prince George’s County criminal offenses are separated by severity into groups of misdemeanors and felonies, with felonies carrying up to life in prison. Prince George’s County criminal lawyer experience representing clients accused of both serious felonies and relatively minor misdemeanors. Among other things, we can help if you are accused of:

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Understanding the local criminal justice system can be difficult. The Prince George’s County District courthouses on Main Street in Upper Marlboro and on Rhode Island Avenue in Hyattsville can be intimidating places. When you are working with a criminal lawyer in Prince George’s County, however, you have an experienced advocate in your corner.

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