Prince George’s County Auto Theft Lawyer

Auto theft is a serious offense, and the consequences could have a serious impact on your life. If you or someone you know is facing auto theft charges, you should not hesitate to reach out to a well-versed criminal attorney. A Prince George’s County auto theft lawyer could fight tirelessly for a positive resolution to your case.

What Constitutes Automobile Theft?

In PG County and throughout Maryland, automobile theft is the taking and carrying away of another’s motor vehicle with the intent to deprive them of the vehicle. A person facing auto theft charges should hire an experienced criminal lawyer because it is a serious charge that can carry significant periods of incarceration. A Prince George’s County auto theft lawyer could help an individual build a defense against these charges and employ all strategies to either beat the case or obtain a favorable post-resolution from the prosecutor.

Consequences of an Auto Theft Charge

The possible consequences for a person convicted of auto theft in Prince George’s County are years of incarceration and significant monetary penalties. Auto theft differs from other theft-related offenses, such as shoplifting or robbery, because it has the added component of a vehicle. Its other elements are the same as other theft offenses. For a person to be convicted of an auto theft charge, a prosecutor needs to prove that a person took the property of another without permission with intent to deprive, and the property was a vehicle.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Having an attorney on one’s side during an auto theft case can be helpful in several ways. The attorney is a spokesperson for the defendant. A prosecutor is not permitted to have any substantive conversations with the defendant, so the attorney acts as the defendant’s representative to discuss evidence, arguments, and possible resolutions. An attorney can also help build defenses, obtain evidence, write strategies, and have meaningful discussions with the defendant as to the best course of action.

The strategies auto theft lawyers use when preparing a defense in PG County starts with obtaining all the evidence for discovery. Whether it is photographs, videos, witness statements, police reports, or medical records, everything must be obtained to get a better assessment of what is involved in the case. It would dictate the strategies that the attorney employs in building a defense.

When to Contact a Criminal Attorney

A person charged with theft in PG County should contact a Prince George’s County auto theft lawyer from the very beginning. If a person is arrested, an attorney can help procure their release at a bail review. Evidence could be lost, video surveillance can be purged, records may be difficult to maintain, and witnesses’ memories can fade. It is imperative to talk to witnesses immediately to find out what information they know that can be helpful, since months later their memories may have deteriorated and they may not be as beneficial to a defense.

If you are or someone you know has recently been charged with an auto theft charge, contact a skilled auto theft attorney as soon as possible.