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Prince George’s County Student Defense Lawyer

Most colleges and universities maintain a code of conduct or student disciplinary handbook which they expect all students to follow. These rules often address both criminal matters and other student behaviors that are not illegal, but that may be dishonorable or unethical.

When you are facing any student conduct code or disciplinary charges at your school or university, you may not wish to hesitate in contacting a Prince George’s County student defense lawyer for legal advice and representation.

Furthermore, some situations may involve both the criminal justice system and student disciplinary proceedings. For example, a criminal arrest, even if the charges are later dismissed, still can result in being called before your college board of conduct review.

An experienced defense attorney may be able to handle these dual proceedings as needed and defend you against the potentially harsh consequences of each.

Potential Criminal Charges that Students May Face

A variety of incidents can lead to student conduct code proceedings. A criminal arrest of college students on any charges is likely to cause student disciplinary charges. Some of the more common types of arrests may include alcohol-related offenses. This includes DWIs, DUIs, public intoxication, possession of alcohol by a minor, and using a fake ID card.

Other potential arrests may concern drug possession for marijuana or other controlled substances, assault and battery, sexual assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest or law enforcement. These criminal offenses may lead to criminal penalties and in student conduct code proceedings. This means that while students may suspension or expulsion from the school, they may also face potential fines, terms of probation, and jail sentences.

In some cases, the state may never file criminal charges against students. The charges may be dropped when the accused individual completes diversion programs for first-time offenders. A court may also find students not guilty of their criminal charges. While these all are positive outcomes for the criminal charges, the students still may face student disciplinary charges as a result of the incident. Consulting a student defense lawyer in PG County may be vital when attempting to avoid some or all the potential penalties that students may face in conduct code proceedings.

Other Circumstances Leading to Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Student disciplinary proceedings do not always involve arrests or allegations that students have committed criminal offenses. As an example, plagiarism, or cheating or other forms of academic dishonesty can lead to student conduct code violations. A finding that students have committed this type of offense also can result in significant penalties, including being placed on probation, suspension, and expulsion in some cases.

Another common source of student conduct code proceedings is allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct. While the allegations often do not rise to the level necessary to charge students with a crime, they still can result in disciplinary proceedings against accused students under Title IX, a federal law that governs gender discrimination.

Since most college and universities receive some form of federal funding, these schools are required to follow specific procedures in investigating and often harshly disciplining students accused of sexual misdeeds.

No matter the nature of the incident behind the student disciplinary proceedings, students may wish to contact a Prince George’s County student defense attorney right away once they become aware of the allegations against them. Taking prompt action to defend their rights can be the difference between a positive and negative outcome in these cases.

Speak with a Prince George’s County Student Defense Attorney

All too often, students face severe consequences from errors in judgment while attending colleges or universities as young adults. Both criminal charges and student disciplinary proceedings can threaten the educational and professional future of college students.

Consulting a PG County student defense lawyer may be wise when one or both these situations arise.

The repercussions of a criminal conviction, no matter how minor, and a permanent stain on your academic records can be highly detrimental to your attempts to get jobs, secure internships, attend graduate or professional schools, or obtaining professional licensing. Getting legal advice from the outset of your situation may be highly beneficial.