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Prince George’s County Assault Lawyer 

Have you been charged with assault in the first or second degree? Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor charge, the Prince George team of assault attorneys are here to assist you in every step of the way of litigation. From building your defense to presenting your case before a judge in court, an attorney is here to aid you.

The lawyers are professional, quality litigators ready to take on your case. They understand the laws behind various assault charges. They also understand that this can be a hard and trying time for you and your loved ones. An attorney knows how emotional and stressful it can be.

A Prince George’s County assault lawyer knows how to present mitigating circumstances in an efficient and skilled manner. There are a few types of assault charges in the State of Maryland, each with their own requirements and set of penalties. If you are not guilty of assault, you should not have to pay or spend time in jail.

First Degree Assault

If a person has been charged with assault in the first degree, this typically involves the alleged use of some firearm, which could include the use of a machine gun, assault rifle, handgun, shotgun or pistol.

According to Maryland Code Section 3-202, first-degree assault is punishable by up to 25 years in prison. A PG County can help mitigate charges such as this, and they will help a person construct their case in the best possible light.

Second Degree Assault

The difference between second-degree assault and first-degree assault is generally whether there was a weapon involved, whether there was intent, and/or how serious any injury might have been.

Proving intent is a very important aspect of an assault case. According to Maryland Code Section 3-203, Second Degree Assault, those convicted of such a crime can be sentenced to 10 years of prison and fined up to $5,000.

Other types of assault include assault by an inmate and assault on a police officer, each with their own legal requirements.

Potential Legal Defenses Against Assault Charges

There are many defenses to an assault charge. Our Prince George assault attorneys are familiar with them. Defenses to an assault charge can include self-defense, duress, and lack of intent among other rationalizations.

An attorney will meet with a person to discuss every detail of their side of what happened in order to identify and establish the strongest defense(s) and if there were any threats of violence made that can help a person in their legal proceedings. Self-defense is a valid justification for an assault charge and is the most frequently used defense in the courtroom.

How a Prince George’s County Assault Attorney Can Help

An assault charge is a serious allegation, but fighting it does not have to be difficult for you or for your loved ones. A Prince George’s County assault lawyer is experienced in helping individuals get the representation they need in court. A PG County assault lawyer will fight for you and make sure your rights are protected.

Please call or send an e-mail if you need help with an assault charge. An attorney will not settle for less. They will work with you to justify your side in court.