What to Expect Following an Assault Arrest in Prince George’s County

While an assault arrest could be an overwhelming experience, an accused person could protect themselves by following certain steps. To understand what to expect following an assault arrest in Prince George’s County, individuals are recommended to contact a knowledgeable attorney. Legal counsel could explain a person’s rights and could champion their case.

What Happens After an Assault Arrest in PG County?

Following an arrest for assault in Prince George’s County, a person could expect to be taken to the local precinct or another booking location, processed, and eventually will see the commissioner. The commissioner will decide, based on a review of basic factors, whether the person is a flight risk or a danger to the community or an individual. Based on those factors and assessments, the commissioner typically determines whether a person should be released, held without bond, or released with certain conditions or a bond.

When a person first sees the commissioner, they could have an opportunity to speak to counsel or request counsel.

Impact of an Assault Charge

Assault in PG County is a significant charge that could carry a term of incarceration, even for a misdemeanor of secondary assault. An accused person may find it imperative to contact an attorney immediately to defend them against the charge and to procure the person’s release. Individuals are recommended not to make any statements to the police or anyone else if they have been arrested.

Benefits of an Attorney

An attorney could help procure somebody’s release and explain what to expect following an assault arrest in Prince George’s County. A person who has no counsel may not know what to present and could ultimately sit in jail for days, weeks, or even months waiting for the court date. While many individuals believe they need to speak to the police to give their side of the story, giving their side of the story after an arrest typically changes nothing.

By speaking to law enforcement, a person could be giving evidence that the authorities could use against them at a later prosecution. While a person could always talk later, it is recommended to do so with an attorney to help guide them along the way.

How an Investigation Could be Conducted

An assault charge is typically triggered by one of two things in PG County. A person or a third party, which could include a civilian or a police officer, could report the incident to the police after observing it. This typically leads to the person believed to be the aggressor being charged. Law enforcement, which could be the prosecutor, could speak to witnesses and the injured party and gather any evidence they have.

Typical Length of an Assault Case

For a misdemeanor assault case in PG County, it could take about a month and a half to two months to complete the case. Various factors of the case and the time of the year could make extend the time period.

What to Expect From an Assault Case

A person involved in an assault case in PG County could expect that the prosecutor and courts will proceed vigorously. Contrary to other minor charges, assault charges are typically considered serious since there is an alleged victim who is threatened or harmed. There is a perceived need to protect someone from abuse, harm, or threats. If the person who may have committed the assault has a history of similar behavior, the courts typically proceed even more vigorously.

Evidence Used by the Prosecution

The evidence normally collected by the prosecution in an assault case could begin with the alleged victim or a third party who observed it. There also may be video, photographs, medical records, and eye-witness statements. Anything and everything that is relevant, appropriate, and could provide insight into the charge will be gathered and reviewed by the state.

Aggravating and Mitigating Factors

Mitigating factors that could affect how an assault case is treated may include provocations, criminal history, substance abuse, or mental illness for which the person might be treated and not just punished. There is a variety of things that are unique to each situation that could be instructive in how a case is perceived and prosecuted. To understand what to expect following an assault arrest in Prince George’s County, speak to a seasoned attorney.

Contact a Prince George’s County Assault Attorney

Knowing what to expect following an assault arrest in Prince George’s County could be critical to the outcome of a case. For help building a strong defense against the charges you face, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today.