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Prince George’s County Vulnerable Adult Abuse Lawyer

There are two ways of defining a vulnerable adult. First, a vulnerable adult is considered to either not possess the mental capacity warranted for someone their age or are mentally incapacitated. For example, an adult with mental or physical issues such as Down Syndrome or Autism can be considered to be a vulnerable adult. The second way to define a vulnerable adult is someone who is mentally fully functional, but has physical disabilities. For example, an adult who is paralyzed, elderly, or has Alzheimer’s may fall into this second category.

If a person were to physically assault a person dealing with these issues, they may potentially be severely prosecuted. The State may feel the obligation to protect individuals who are incapable of properly protecting themselves.

If you have been charged with this type of offense, it is imperative that you contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. A Prince George’s County vulnerable adult abuse lawyer may be able to walk you through the proper way of building a strong defense.

Examples of Vulnerable Adult Abuse

The most common examples of vulnerable adult abuse are known to occur in a retirement facility or a hospital. The usual perpetrators of this offense are nurses or caretakers. Examples of abuse can be taking money from a vulnerable adult, making them give away their individual property or items, and/or taking advantage of an individual that does not understand what is happening and cannot defend themselves,


To fully convict someone of this offense, the prosecution may need to satisfy all the elements of the offenses charged, that, in fact, someone was abused. It could be physical abuse such as the deprivation of food or the taking advantage of finances when a person is easily susceptible to bribery and theft due to a lack of understanding and mental functionality.

Another implication that may need to be proven in order to get a conviction is the status of the person abused. The prosecution may need to prove that the adult was indeed vulnerable and incapable of properly defending themselves from the abuse that has taken place. If the prosecution is unable to prove this matter, that may dramatically alter a prosecution’s case

Contacting a Prince George’s County Vulnerable Adult Abuse Attorney

If you have been charged with this offense, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with an attorney from the very beginning of the case. When a person is charged, they could be held without bond and sit in jail. The consequences of this offense could prove to be very significant and severe. An attorney can help shield, protect, and guide you through the entire process.

Speak with a PG County vulnerable adult abuse lawyer today to learn more about how to build a strong defense. An attorney could grant you the legal counsel you may need moving forward with the criminal process.