Prince George’s County Gun Lawyer 

Have you been charged with gun possession and/or distribution? If so, a Prince George’s County gun lawyer is here to assist you in every step of the way through litigation. From establishing defenses to presenting your case before a judge in court, attorneys are here to aid you.

It is written in the Constitution of the United States that all citizens shall have the “right to bear arms.” Even so, there are many types of criminal statutes regulating the possession of guns, rifles, and other firearms in the State of Maryland. Not everyone who is charged with a gun crime is guilty or deserves to be punished in such a harsh way as prescribed by the statutes in Maryland. Talk to an experienced lawyer for more information.

Types of Gun Charges

Gun charges can often be paired with other types of crimes including assault and other violent charges, drug charges and/or school zone related charges. Prince George’s County gun lawyers know how to handle these serious allegations.

In the State of Maryland, an individual can carry certain types of firearms but only with a permit allowing them to do so. Additionally, the State of Maryland does not regulate the sale and purchase of regulated firearms.

Gun lawyers are professional, quality lawyers ready to take on a case. They understand the laws behind various gun charges, whether it be possession, distribution, or otherwise. They also understand that this can be a hard and trying time for a person. That is why a Prince George’s County gun lawyer is here to help.

Legal Defenses and Constructive Possession

There are several workable defenses to gun charges. PG gun attorneys are familiar with these defenses. For example, constructive possession is a legal term used to describe a defendant’s control over the firearm in question.

Possession, in general, can be a subjective term. If the gun was not actually found to be in a person’s physical control, this can help them a long way in the courtroom setting. And even if it was, the team of attorneys is experienced in handling gun possession cases. An attorney knows how to argue a person’s side so that a judge will understand the facts of the case for what they really are. They are experienced in gun laws and can help mitigate the offenses against a person in the courtroom.

Contact a Prince George’s County Gun Attorney Today

If you have been charged with a gun crime, do not hesitate to contact a Prince George’s County gun lawyer. Do not wait any longer before you seek legal representation. The help you need is just a phone call away. A lawyer will work with you to defend and argue your side in court. Gun charges can be serious allegations, but fighting them does not have to be difficult for you or for your loved ones. PG County gun attorneys will fight for your rights and make sure that you get the legal support you need during this time.