Maryland Student Defense Lawyer

Students who are facing criminal charges may suffer serious consequences, including legal penalties (e.g., fines, probation, and jail time), loss of scholarships and other financial aid, suspensions, and even expulsion from school. Accused individuals may need to keep in mind that it might not matter whether the incident occurred on or off campus.

If you or someone you love is currently in school and facing a criminal charge, you need skilled legal representation on your side. A Maryland student defense lawyer could represent and defend you in court and pursue a result that safeguards your legal rights and your student status at school. Consult a hard-working attorney to learn your rights.

Common Student Charges

Students in Maryland may face a variety of criminal charges that could result in negative ramifications at school. Some of the most common student charges in Maryland include the following:

In the case of a fake ID, the State may charge a student with possessing a false driver’s license and/or possessing false identification. The former falls within the ambit of the Maryland Transportation Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, while the latter is a criminal charge. Both charges are criminal offenses, and a conviction could result in a judge imposing criminal penalties, such as jail time, probation, or fines.

Potential Legal Penalties upon Conviction

If the state prosecutor is able to obtain a conviction, the consequences to the student can be serious. Many criminal cases that involve fake ID’s result in fines, community service, and other relatively minor penalties being imposed. In serious assault or rape cases, a judge may order the student to serve jail time, pay a large fine, or complete a period of probation.

Probation allows an offender time to rehabilitate themselves while their criminal case is pending. Probation may be either supervised or unsupervised. During the term of a person’s probation, they will likely have to meet with a probation officer at various times, complete a specified number of community service hours, pay fines, and stay away from certain individuals, which would normally be the accuser, while the case is pending.

The extent of the penalty depends upon the nature of the criminal charge and the offender’s criminal record. The higher the number of prior convictions, the more severe the penalty in most cases. No matter the criminal charge and potential penalty, it always helps to have a Maryland attorney in court for a student’s defense.

Collateral Consequences

Criminal convictions that a Maryland college or university student incurs can also result in severe collateral consequences. As an example, the student could lose their financial aid or scholarship money. The university could also impose its own sanctions, including probation, suspension, or expulsion from the school.

If the criminal offense is serious, the school is more likely to impose sanctions of its own. A student defense lawyer in Maryland could fight to minimize the collateral consequences associated with a criminal charge.

How a Maryland Student Defense Attorney Could Help

If you are a Maryland college or university student who has incurred a criminal charge, you should pursue legal representation immediately.

A Maryland student defense lawyer could fight to ensure that your rights are protected during any criminal investigation leading up to your trial. A lawyer may also advocate a strong defense on your behalf in the courtroom.