Ocean City Gun Lawyer 

While the Second Amendment permits its citizens to “bear arms,” there are limitations on that right under state law. There are laws that prohibit gun possession by certain people or in certain circumstances or locations and violating these regulations can result in criminal charges. Weapons charges are serious and carry strict penalties such as high fines and long prison sentences.

If you have been accused of a firearms crime, an experienced Ocean City gun lawyer could provide valuable advice and legal knowledge throughout your case. With a dedicated defense attorney by your side, you could mount a strong defense designed to defeat or mitigate your charges.

Guns in Prohibited Locations

Even if a person is permitted to carry a firearm under applicable laws, it could still be illegal to carry their gun in certain areas. There are many specially protected locations that are subject to strict rules due to their nature. For example, transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle is highly regulated in the state, and weapons are not allowed in a carry-on during a flight.

One gun offense based on location involves someone bringing a firearm onto school property. A person could face criminal charges for doing so even if they had a valid permit to carry in other locations. Few individuals are actually allowed to carry on school property, such as the police or specially licensed individuals. Penalties for carrying a gun onto school grounds can be harsh, so local legal representation could be crucial in these cases.

Individuals Not Permitted to Carry Firearms

Under state law, certain people are not permitted to carry guns and other firearms. These individuals include:

  • Habitual drunkards
  • People addicted to drugs
  • Individuals under the age of 21
  • Defendants convicted of a violent crime
  • Patients of a mental institution for thirty days or more
  • Convicted felons
  • Fugitives of the law

When one of these individuals carries a gun, they are subject to harsh criminal penalties.

Under Maryland law, there are many types of assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and large-capacity magazines that are banned. Some of these weapons may be legal in other states, even neighboring ones. A lack of knowledge on this issue often leads to misunderstandings and criminal charges, which is why a defendant could require a nearby attorney’s assistance to fully understand the laws surrounding this crime.

Firearms Used in Other Crimes

When a firearm is used as part of another offense, the potential penalties quickly become more severe. The defendant would be punished for the wrongful possession of the weapon as well as its use in the commission of another crime. Most of these enhanced offenses are felonies and carry the potential for decades in prison and tens of thousands in criminal penalties.

Offenses that involve the use of a gun include, but are not limited to:

When a defendant’s criminal charge involves the use of a firearm, the compounded severity of both crimes could result in lasting consequences, which could further the need to have a seasoned Ocean City firearm attorney at their side.

Learn How an Ocean City Gun Attorney Could Protect Your Freedom

Enlisting the help of a qualified defense attorney is key to protecting your rights if you are accused of a firearm violation. Gun charges are always serious but can lead to decades in prison in certain situations. You may need an experienced Ocean City gun lawyer to defend your constitutional rights and give you peace of mind throughout the legal process. Call today for a consultation about your case and learn more about your options.