Ocean City Sex Crimes Lawyer

Contesting any allegation of criminal activity can be a time-consuming and procedurally complicated endeavor, but accusations of sex offenses are especially sensitive matters. Even if you are not convicted of the charges filed against you, the damage done to your reputation may be hard to overcome—to say nothing of the permanent and life-altering impacts that a conviction could have.

If you need help challenging criminal charges for a sex-related offense, you should strongly consider meeting with an Ocean City sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible. During a confidential consultation, an experienced defense attorney could help you understand your specific charges, go over your options with you, and—once retained—work tenaciously to protect your rights and best interests.

Sex-Related Criminal Offenses in Ocean City

Maryland state law regarding rape and other offenses changed significantly in recent years to reflect more modern understandings of non-consensual sexual activity. According to Maryland Code, Criminal Law §§ 3-303 and 3-304, both vaginal intercourse and other sexual acts as defined by MD Code, Crim. Law § 3-301(d)—including oral and anal intercourse—qualify as rape if they are performed without the consent of one party involved. MD Code, Crim. Law §§ 3-307 and 3-308 define non-consensual sexual contact and statutory rape without the use or threat of force as “sexual offenses.”

Rape may be prosecuted as a first-degree or second-degree offense—and likewise, a sexual offense as a third-degree or fourth-degree offense—depending on aggravating factors like the non-consenting party’s age and/or the presence of a deadly weapon. Other offenses that experienced Ocean City sex crimes attorneys could help defendants contest in and out of court include:

What Offenses Require Sex Offender Registration?

Anyone who is convicted of a sex-based criminal offense under state or federal law may be required to register as a sex offender in Maryland. There are three tiers that qualifying offenses may fall into, each of which requires a different amount of time for which a convicted individual must remain registered as a sex offender.

Tier I includes offenses like fourth-degree sexual offense and visual surveillance with prurient intent, Tier II includes offenses like third-degree sexual offense and sexual solicitation of a minor, and Tier III includes offenses like rape, attempted rape, and kidnapping. Conviction under each tier respectively requires registration for 15 years, 25 years, and for life, updated every six months for the first two tiers and every three months for Tier III convictions. A sex crimes lawyer in Ocean City could clarify what requirements may apply to a particular defendant based on their charges.

Talk to an Ocean City Sex Crimes Attorney About Legal Options

A sex crime allegation has the potential to change the course of your life permanently, regardless of how your case ultimately plays out. If you want to give yourself the best chances of a positive resolution, retaining skilled legal counsel to represent you in court is a virtual necessity.

A knowledgeable Ocean City sex crimes lawyer could be a crucial ally throughout every stage of the proceedings against you. Call today to set up a consultation.