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If you’re facing serious traffic charges or moving violations in Germantown, MD, you may be surprised how quickly the costs begin to escalate. Call a Germantown traffic lawyer with our firm to speak about the details of your case and start building a strong defense. There are many ways to handle traffic charges besides paying the fine and admitting guilt. Our Germantown traffic attorneys can take you through some of the options that may work for you and facilitate the process so that you can get back on the road again.

Our Germantown attorneys also handle traffic and speeding ticket cases in other places throughout the beltway region of Maryland and beyond.

Traffic Laws in Germantown, MD

Maryland’s traffic laws were revised in 2012.   Two prominent changes involved the punishments for speeding and the manner in which traffic courts handles trying all traffic violations [Maryland Transportation Code Section 26–201].

Before the changes, a court date was automatically assigned to every ticket, regardless of the offense.  Today, however, those ticketed for any offense must request a trial within 30 days of the offense.  Otherwise, a guilty conviction is automatically applied.  If you wish to plead “guilty with explanation” (and cite extenuating circumstances that produced the ticket), you and your Germantown traffic lawyer must request a waiver hearing where the judge , once he or she hears your explanation, will decide on your sentence. “Payable” offenses can draw fines of between $50 and $500.

Offenses include:

  •  Speeding [Section 21–801] – Though not a statutory jailable offense unless reckless driving is also charged, fines range from $80 and one MVA point, to $500 and five MVA points. Fines can be doubled for speeding in school or road-work zones.
  • Driving without a license [Section 16–101] – Drivers who never had a license, or whose license has been suspended or revoked, can receive such tickets. Penalties can be as severe as 60 days in jail, a $500 fine, and five MVA points.  Those ticketed whose licenses are already suspended or revoked will have to have to wait longer before their suspended license is returned, or they will be permitted to apply for a new license to replace the one that was revoked.
  • Reckless driving [Section 21–901] – As much as a $500 fine and six points await first convictions. It can also be charged along with underlying driving offenses such as DUI or speeding.  This could result in additional fines and maybe a longer minimum jail sentence.
  • Aggressive driving [Section 21–901.2] – Six MVA points can be assessed, and the total fine amount for all of several chargeable aggressive driving offenses can arise from a conviction for this violation, but there is no jail time.
  • Fleeing and eluding [Section 21-904] – A maximum one-year jail sentence, a fine of $1,000, and eight MVA points can be assessed for a first-time conviction. If this is not a first conviction, prison sentences can be up to 10 years.
  • Driving without insurance [Section 17-107] – The maximum penalty can be up to a 60 days in jail, a $500 fine, and five MVA points

Do I Just Pay the Ticket, or Should I Fight It?

If you’ve been charged with a jailable offense, or the fines might be more than you feel you should pay, or your point total places you at risk for possibly having your license suspended, then you should seriously consider fighting hard to keep this conviction off your driving record.  Those who wish to plead not guilty or plead guilty with explanation, or who are concerned that they need to defend their driving privileges at an MVA hearing will likely benefit from the knowledge of an experienced Germantown traffic lawyer who knows the local courts and prosecutors.  They can also assist if you wish to appeal a conviction or if you want to request a judicial review of your sentence.

Officers, like everyone else, can make mistakes when citing anyone for a traffic violation, or when filling out a ticket.   The same goes for “traffic cams” that record intersection violations, though those tickets are not violations that will produce only a civil fine.  No points are associated with those.

However, many times, processing or other administrative errors occur that can create headaches for drivers who can’t seem to convince the ticketing agent of their innocence, or that that was their vehicle, but it was loaned to someone else.  Eventually, many innocent traffic cam victims finally decide that they need a good ticket attorney to get out from under such mistakes.  If you’ve been dealing with this runaround for over six months, an attorney can help get rid of this nuisance and give you peace of mind.

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