Howard County District Court FAQs

If you are summoned to appear in Howard County district court for any reason, the following is important information you should know according to a Howard County criminal lawyer. For more information on your case, schedule a free consultation with an attorney today.

Below, a Howard County defense attorney answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Howard County District Court.

What Is The Dress Code?

There is no formal dress code; however, obviously, you want to come in dressed like you are taking the incident seriously. Some appropriate advice to clients is that they should come in dressed like a lawyer. That when an attorney and client are standing in front of the judge, the judge shouldn’t be able to tell just by looking which one is the attorney. If you follow that general rule you will always be dressed appropriately for the court. It is almost impossible to overdress for court but frequently you see people come under-dressed.

Are Any Items Prohibited Inside The Courtroom?

Eating or drinking is prohibited inside the courtroom, so you don’t want to bring in any kind of food or beverage. You are allowed to bring in a cell phone or electronic device but the bailiffs and the judges really want those to be powered off. Not just set to Vibrate or Silent Mode but actually powered off during court. If a bailiff sees an individual take a cell phone out and start pushing buttons on it, it is very likely that that phone will be confiscated.

Are There Lockers Or Places To Store Them?

There are no lockers in the court house to store cell phones; however Howard County District Court has a very large parking lot. It is usually possible to find parking directly in front of the courthouses. So it is very easy to just go back to a person’s car to put that item away.

Is There Any Public Transportation Available?

There is public transportation. Buses run up and down Route 40 and there is a bus stop very close to the courthouse as well. The courthouse is accessible via public transit.

How Early Should One Arrive?

A good rule of thumb is, one should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of court. So if the court is scheduled to begin at 9, an individual should arrive at 8:40. If the court is scheduled to begin at 1.30, an individual should arrive at not later than 10 after 1. That gives time to speak to your attorney prior to court and make sure that you are not late due to unexpected traffic or anything like that.

Are There Places To Grab Lunch And Breakfast Nearby?

Absolutely. Because it is right off of Route 40 there are lots and lots of places you can go to get some lunch or breakfast. There are many restaurants within a mile radius serving pretty much any kind of food you can think of. It is also very close to Downtown Ellicott City so it is very easy to get a bite there as well if you are particularly early for court.

Is It Easy To Find Your Way Around Inside The Courthouse?

The District Court is pretty straightforward. When an individual walks in they are going to go through security screening and then they are going to look immediately to their right and see a set of glass doors. You walk through those and then you will be in the lobby. In the lobby, there are a set of flat screen monitors that list that morning or afternoon’s dockets. So all the individual has to do is find their name on that docket list and then head to the appropriate courtroom. In Howard County, all the courts are on the first level and there are 5 courtrooms.