Howard County Circuit Court

If you have been charged with a more serious criminal case or a civil case above a certain amount your case will likely be held in the Circuit Court. Below, a Howard County criminal lawyer discusses where the Circuit Court is located and what you should know before your case. To learn more about Howard County courthouses or how to find an attorney, call our law offices today and schedule a free consultation.

Where Is The Circuit Court Located?

Circuit Court in Howard County is just down the road from the District Court. The Circuit Court is located 8360 Court Avenue in Ellicott City. Basically, if you are coming from Route 40 going to the District Court, you just pass the District Court continue to drive, and then in another ½ mile or so down the road on the right side will be the Circuit Court.

Prosecutors at the Howard County Circuit Court treat cases very similarly to those at the District Court. Prosecutors are always going to be prepared. They are going to be very competent. If there is a way that they are going to win their case they are going to try their best to make their case. If they know that they can’t make a case however, they will dismiss the case. Again, if you have adequate prosecution preparation in Howard County, it is very rare for the prosecution to just drop the ball in any kind of criminal case.
Circuit Court will hear more serious criminal cases; drug possession with intent to distribute, first degree assault, burglary, those types of cases generally are native to the Circuit Court. Additionally Circuit Court has jurisdiction over Family Law, over juvenile matters, and over certain civil claims over a large dollar amount.

Howard County Circuit Court Etiquette

Much like the District Court, act in a professional and appropriate manner at all times. Here are a few tips on how to follow the written and unwritten rules in the Howard County Circuit Court:

  • Don’t bring any children
  • No electronic devices
  • Use quiet voices
  • Dress appropriately

Those are the pretty basic rules of etiquette for any court including the Circuit Court, and anyone who does not follow them may be subject to certain negative consequences, not the least of which is making a poor impression on the judge who is hearing your case.

Hiring a Howard County Attorney

When it comes to a criminal defense attorney, value comes not so much from familiarity with the geography of the court or the location of the court, but with the personalities involved in the court. Hiring an attorney who has a relationship with the state’s attorney’s office where the state’s attorney knows that the attorney is confident or the attorney will prepare and be able to try this kind of case, can lead to better offers from the state’s attorney’s office, also being familiar with the judges, knowing which judge is good to hear certain types of cases and which judges are not, can have a major impact on the final outcome of any kind of case.