Howard County Circuit Court Frequently Asked Questions

If you are asked to attend a case in Howard County Circuit Court, the following are important things you should know including how early to arrive and how to dress. To seek legal representation call and schedule a consultation with a criminal lawyer who can assist in guiding you through the courtroom process.

How Early Should You Arrive?

You should arrive about the same time as in the District Court: at least 20 minutes before the court is scheduled to begin. This provides adequate time for you to meet with your attorney and to go over any last-minute details that may be relevant to your hearing or motion.

Additionally, the Circuit Court is located very close to the district court so within a mile there is pretty much any kind of food that you can think of. It is very close to Downtown Ellicott City and it is also very close to Route 40.

Is It Easy To Find Your Way Around Inside Of This Courthouse?

Usually when an individual walks into a Circuit Court, first thing is they pass through security checkpoint. Then, when they go into the Circuit Court, they go up a flight of stairs where they will see a very similar flat screen monitor system to the ones in the District Court. It will have their courtroom listed and they can go to their courtrooms. Most of the courtrooms are located on the same level as the flat screen monitors.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That People Make At The Circuit Courthouse?

Very similar to the District Court, common mistakes include coming in dressed inappropriately, coming in with young children, and using electronic devices—those are all the basic etiquette mistakes that you shouldn’t make in any kind of courthouse. Judges in circuit courts take these things very seriously. They don’t want anything to disturb the proceedings.

Are There Any Items Prohibited Inside Of This Courthouse?

Absolutely. Weapons are obviously prohibited in any kind of court. You are not allowed to drink or eat during court, and electronic devices usage in the courtroom is prohibited.

There are no lockers in the courthouse.  However, the Circuit Court also has parking directly in front of the courthouse, so it is very easy to find a place to park in the Howard County Circuit Court. It is very easy to go back to the parking lot and drop off any kind of items that are not allowed in the courthouse.

You are allowed to bring a cell phone into court. However, you are not allowed to be on the phone in the courtroom and the cell phones should be powered off when you are in the courtroom.

Is There Public Transportation?

There is public transportation that will bring you very near to the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court is very close to the District Court.  Public transportation can drop off you on Route 40 and it is not an inconceivable walk to the circuit court. Also the Circuit Court is little bit closer to Downtown Ellicott City, and there is public transportation that runs into Downtown Ellicott City which makes it a very easy walk from either direction.

What is the Dress Code?

Pretty much the same as in District Court. The closer you come to being dressed like a lawyer the better. Dress in a professional manner. Obviously no cut-offs, no very short shorts, no ripped T-shirts.