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Howard County Appeals Lawyer

Not everything always goes the way we hope it will, and legal trials are no exception. Even with the appropriate legal advocacy, it is possible to end up with a verdict that does not seem appropriate. When that happens, a Howard County appeals lawyer can be an important part of navigating the appeals process with you.

What Are Grounds for an Appeal?

Sometimes, the grounds for an appeal must be laid during the original trial. Iissues can be raised after a verdict has been reached. An appeal is not likely to be successful if the only grounds one can articulate are that they do not like the verdict. While a successful appeal could result in a new trial, an appeal in and of itself is not a new trial.

Common Reasons to Apply for an Appeal

An appeal asks judges to focus on a certain aspect or aspects of the original trial and/or verdict that may have had a significant impact on the outcome.

Some common grounds for appeal may include:

  • Improper jury instructions
  • A verdict not supported by the facts
  • Abuse of judicial discretion
  • Improper admittance of evidence
  • Other significant occurrences that may have impacted the final verdict

A Howard County appeals lawyer can review transcripts and other important documents related to help the individual understand more about the grounds for appeal that may be available.

Understanding the Appeals Process

Since an appeal is not a new trial, the parts of an appeal may be unfamiliar. As such, the process that an appeal usually goes through may also be unfamiliar. Typically, an appeal begins by filing a notice with the court in which the verdict the individual appealing was reached that they intend to appeal. This notifies the court that they must provide transcripts and other records to the Court of Appeals.

The next step involves writing what is called a legal brief that both summarizes the points of law being addressed in the individual’s appeal as well as how those issues should be applied to their case. The opposing party, which is usually the state, will have a chance to submit their own brief in response. Sometimes, replies to the opposing brief may be allowed.

While not as common as they once were, oral arguments can also be a large part of an appeal. During such arguments, judges will be allowed to ask questions about the various points raised in the brief in order to gain a better understanding of their argument.

Importance of Legal Advocacy

When it comes to an appeal, there is a great deal on the line. It is important to make sure that an appeal moves forward on the strongest grounds that have the best chance of reaching a positive outcome.

A Howard County appeals lawyer understands the importance of significant details in the appeals process that the accused cannot afford to overlook. Missing these details, such as important legal nuances or even technical deadlines, can cause excessive delays in the appeals process or may even result in someone’s appeal being denied.

While no legal result is ever guaranteed, the importance of legal counsel during an appeal cannot be underestimated. The accused does not have to face the appeals process alone, especially if the accused person works with a Howard County appeals attorney that can help the individual understand and advocate for their rights throughout the appeals process.

Let a Howard County Appeals Attorney Assist

Regardless of the reason for your appeal, it is important to take a thorough and dynamic approach to preparing your it. If you are considering appealing a verdict, time is a crucial factor and you must act fast to allow your appeals attorney to have an opportunity to effectively review your case. If you are considering an appeal, contact our firm to learn more about the different approaches our experienced Howard County appeals lawyer can take when working with you throughout the appeals process.