Howard County Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is a very broad term, and it is often misunderstood. However, even with the best of intentions, fraud charges can still have serious consequences. If you are facing fraud charges, then a Howard County fraud lawyer might be an advocate that can work with you throughout the legal process involved in defending against those charges.

As with many crimes, understanding the basics of the charges you are facing is an important first step in defending against those charges and in creating a productive relationship with an experienced legal advocate for criminal law.

What is the Legal Definition of a Fraud Offense?

Most people understand fraud to mean some kind of falsehood, and for the most part it is. In general, fraud is an action undertaken to gain money, information, or property under false pretenses. Maryland Criminal Law Section 8 covers fraud and other related offenses.

The exact definition of the fraud charges you are facing depends on the circumstances of your case. However, each type of fraud charge has specific elements that must be proven. These typically include:

  • A false statement of fact was made
  • By a person that knows the truth
  • With the intent to deceive
  • So that a victim relies on the statement
  • To the victim’s detriment

As you can imagine, there is some subjectivity to some of these elements and it is important to understand what each one of them means in your circumstances.

Common Types of Fraud

There are many different types of fraud. Some common types of fraud include:

  • Check fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Internet fraud

It is important to remember that there are nuances in the law that could affect the type of fraud you are being charged with. A Howard County fraud lawyer may be able to work with the prosecution on the nature of your charges.

Consequences Associated with Fraud Charges

The potential consequences for a conviction on fraud charges depend heavily on the circumstances of your case. An experienced Howard County fraud attorney can walk you through some of the potential consequences you might face.

Fraud may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. Misdemeanor fraud offenses, which often involve credit card fraud and related offenses, can be punishable by more than a year in prison in addition to a monetary penalty. Felony fraud charges are more serious and may result in more than 10 years in prison in addition to monetary fines.

With fraud, it is important to keep in mind that the value of the fraud and how many fraud charges you are facing could impact sentencing if you are convicted. For instance, each fraud charge may be prosecuted as a separate offense and that could compound your sentencing.

Work with a Howard County Fraud Attorney

While white collar offenses like fraud may seem less serious than other criminal acts, they can still carry significant consequences. Working with an experienced fraud lawyer is one way to prepare to face these charges.

An experienced, dedicated fraud attorney understands important nuances in the law and can apply those to your circumstances. Working with a criminal defense lawyer that understands how much at stake can mean a thorough approach to exploring your options in defending against these charges.

If you are facing fraud charges, contact our firm to see how working with our dedicated Howard County fraud lawyer can be an important first step in facing the legal challenges that can come with these charges.