Anne Arundel County DUI Bonds

After a DUI charge, you may be in jail until your trial date. However, there is a possibility to be released on bond by putting up collateral to guarantee your showing up in court. A dedicated DUI lawyer could consult you on bond release as well as the criminal trial process. For more information about Anne Arundel County DUI bonds, call today.

What is a Bond?

A bond is similar to an insurance policy. When a bond is imposed by either a Commissioner or a judge, the purpose of a bond is twofold: to ensure someone shows up for court and to protect public safety. Bonds are typically not utilized often in DUI cases and are generally not favored by courts.

A bond is a condition of release. Its amount is discretionarily determined by the Commissioner or the judge who take into account the history of the person, the nature of the crime, and sometimes the ability to pay.

If a judge grants a $10,000 bond to a person to be released, that person must submit $10,000 to be released. When they show up for their court date, they get that money back. Anne Arundel County DUI bonds designed to make sure someone shows up for court.

Bail Bondsman

To secure a bond, an individual can also go to a bondsman. A bondsman is a licensed insurance agent who charges 10 percent of the overall bond amount as their fee. The bondsman would pay the bond so the defendant can get released from jail. The bondsman fee must be paid up front.

Sometimes a judge imposes an unsecured bond so the defendant does not have to provide any money, they do not need a bondsman, and all they need to do is promise that if they do not show up for court, the court can seek a judgment or money against them.

Posting Bond in Anne Arundel County

Notwithstanding the fact that bonds are uncommon in DUIs, if a bond is imposed and a person has to pay, sometimes there is collateral equity, which could mean the equity in their house would go towards that bond so they would not pay any money. If they do go through a bondsman, they know that their total fee is 10 percent and they cannot get that back.

The time period between the arrest or charge and when they go to trial is called pretrial. There can be levels of supervision during pretrial. The most basic level requires an occasional call or check-in. The highest level is being held without bond but still being released on home detention with an ankle bracelet.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

If the person does not comply with the pretrial release agreement, their bond can be revoked. If their bond is revoked, they are going to have to sit in jail until their court date. These are conditions someone must abide by if they want to remain free until their court date. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to seek the services of a dedicated lawyer.

Call to Learn More About DUI Bonds in Anne Arundel County

There are things that need to be done in the immediate aftermath of a DUI charge and arrest. Evidence must be compiled, dates must be set, and processes must be completed, and a lawyer could help. Due to the unique nature of a DUI, there are steps to be taken immediately after a charge to salvage a person’s license and privilege to drive, regardless of what state issued them their license.

Call an Anne Arundel County DUI bond lawyer today to learn more about your rights at the beginning of a criminal investigation and trial.