Anne Arundel County DUI While on Probation Lawyer

A DUI while on probation can lead to severe penalties and other consequences. If you have received a DUI charge while on probation, it may be in your best interest to employ an Anne Arundel County DUI while on probation lawyer. A local criminal attorney could counsel you on your options during this trying time. Call today to start working on your case with a seasoned DUI attorney.

Facing a DUI While on Probation

Being charged with a DUI while on probation for another offense will violate the conditions of probation. If the DUI is dismissed, then there will be no probation violation, but any sort of conviction will constitute a violation.

If a person is on probation for an unrelated charge and then charged with a DUI, the court’s response to it depends on the nature of the prior offense. If the prior charge was a DUI, the judge in the first DUI case will likely impose a period of incarceration on the defendant. However, if the prior offense is a completely different charge, the judgment may vary depending on the nature of the original case.

Prior DUI Probation Violation

A prior DUI violation will probably end with incarceration, not just for the violation for the probation, but for the new case as well. If the person is still on probation, being charged with another DUI within that timeframe could cause a judge to give a stiffer sentence for the new charge.

If someone goes to court for a violation of probation hearing, the judge will do one of these things:

  • Dismiss the violation if nothing happened
  • Find the defendant in violation but continue their probation
  • Find the defendant in violation and punish them accordingly

Punishments can include jail time, fines, or extension of probation. There are many things a judge can do and they have wide latitude to do it if there is a violation. A DUI while on probation lawyer in Anne Arundel County could help explain potential outcomes.

What Are the Typical Probation Conditions?

Duration of probation is going to be dictated by the nature of the offense. If someone is on probation for a DUI, most likely they will have to report to an agent on a monthly basis and will have to do certain counseling classes. This is different for someone who is charged with trespassing or disorderly conduct.

If a person was ordered to probation for a DUI, the probation agreement will likely state that the person should not commit any new offenses and should not consume alcohol. If that person gets a new DUI and there is evidence of alcohol use and a criminal charge, that would compel a violation.

When a person is on probation and receives a DUI charge, it could result in a warrant for arrest for a potential violation. They could be held pending the court case itself. There are many possibilities that can happen in this type of situation.

A DUI itself carries up to a year of incarceration, 12 points on the individual’s driver’s license upon a guilty finding, and up to a $1,000 fine. If that person has a prior offense, those punishments increase in addition to any potential punishment they get on the original case, which led to the probation.

Contact an Anne Arundel DUI While on Probation Attorney

A DUI charge is serious, and it becomes an even bigger problem when it violates existing probation. To get the best chance of a positive outcome, contact an Anne Arundel DUI while on probation lawyer today. A seasoned criminal attorney could guide you through the court process after an alleged probation violation.