Anne Arundel County DUI Cases

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), it may be wise to employ legal counsel. An experienced DUI lawyer could guide you through the often complicated trial process and negotiate with the state on your behalf. Anne Arundel County DUI cases are challenging to deal with, so do not fail to obtain a seasoned legal professional. Call an attorney about your case today.

District Court Cases for DUIs

A DUI case in Anne Arundel County will go to trial if a defendant pleads not guilty. District court is responsible for trials in all misdemeanors and certain felonies that are considered original jurisdiction. A felony theft case may be tried in district court, while the majority of felony charges go to the circuit court.

The Anne Arundel District Court judges treat DUI charges seriously as DUIs are extremely prevalent.

People can die or be severely injured because of a drunk driver, so the authorities must deal with them aggressively. Individuals who have their first DUI charge are dealt with assertively, but not without consideration of their background, history, and the underlying factors related to the DUI.

Circuit Court Cases for DUIs

Circuit court deals with most felonies and any district court case where the person requested a jury trial or is otherwise eligible for one.

When a DUI is in circuit court, it is because someone filed an appeal or requested a jury trial. Rarely does a DUI appear in the circuit court by virtue of the state’s request. As a result, because most DUIs in circuit court are there because of a jury trial or an appeal, most of the judges give deference to the original sentence that was requested or imposed in district court.

However, they do consider any factors that are appropriate when reassessing whether the sentence is proper. Sometimes, an individual just wants a jury trial as opposed to having a bench trial in front of a judge.

It is not automatic incarceration on a first offense because someone took their case to the circuit court. The judges deal with each Anne Arundel County DUI case individually.

Call to Learn More About DUI Cases in Anne Arundel County

An attorney can reach out to the state to discuss a potential resolution of the charge on your behalf. If an arrangement can be found that is agreeable to everyone, the agreement is executed before trial. A skilled DUI attorney could help defendants with Anne Arundel County DUI cases by acting as an advocate, counsel, and ally during the legal process. Call today to schedule a free consultation on your case.