Anne Arundel DUI Arraignment

An DUI arraignment in Anne Arundel is your first appearance in court and the start of the DUI trial process. The arraignment may not be necessary if you have already engaged the services of an skilled DUI attorney. If you have an impending DUI court date, call a criminal lawyer today.

Between Arrest and Arraignment

No legal procedures take place between a person’s DUI arrest and their arraignment. The defendant is given time to get on the court’s schedule and go to the hearing. During that time, they may retain an attorney, in which case they are not required to go to the arraignment. The main purpose of an arraignment is to advise the defendant to get an attorney to handle their case. Hiring an attorney as soon as the DUI arrest and charge is made can avoid the entire arraignment process.

At a DUI Arraignment

At the arraignment for a DUI charge, the individual is advised of the charges and maximum penalties, ranging from fines to jail time depending on the specific situation. The defendant will be given a court date if one is scheduled and instructed to get counsel.

A person needs to appear at the arraignment to be advised of the penalties and charges, informed of their rights, upcoming court dates, and that they should get an attorney. If the defendant has not engaged an attorney and does not show up for the arraignment, a warrant will be issued for their immediate arrest. Hiring an attorney can help to avoid the necessity of an arraignment.

Setting Bail

Bails are not set at arraignment. A commissioner or judge sets them at a bail review the next business day. For DUIs, bails are typically not imposed or they are not high. If they are imposed or high, there is usually some other underlying reasons such as:

  • Multiple prior offenses
  • History of failing to appear in court
  • Flight risk concerns
  • Posing a danger to the community

In situations such as the above, the court may wish to keep the accused in custody. A dedicated DUI attorney can fight for the defendant’s freedom from the arraignment onwards. While the bail process is separate from a DUI arraignment in Anne Arundel, hiring an attorney could help the defendant avoid arraignment and fight for reasonable bail, or no bail at all.

Contact an Anne Arundel County DUI Attorney

The one thing to remember is that the arraignment can be avoided if a person hires counsel in advance. Missing an arraignment while not having a skilled DUI attorney could lead to a new warrant for immediate arrest. Hiring an attorney for your Anne Arundel DUI arraignment may be the best way to get a positive result as the legal process starts.