Anne Arundel County DUI Without a License Lawyer

Driving without a driver’s license is a potentially serious charge in addition to a person’s driving under the influence charges. Therefore, an individual who is facing these charges may need to consult with an Anne Arundel County DUI without a license lawyer. Well-practiced DUI attorneys could explain how a lack of license might play into your drunk driving case while also fighting for you. Call today and set up a consultation.

Impact of Driving Without License in a DUI Case

If a person is charged with a DUI without a license offense, they will have an additional charge against them of driving without a license. This additional charge can carry 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. While it will not be seen as significant as a DUI charge itself, it certainly does not help the accused in any way.

A DUI is both a traffic charge and a traffic citation. While both are incarcerable traffic offenses which can lead to jail time, a DUI is typically considered to be more serious since it creates an inherent danger to others on the roadway.

Not Having a License Can Aggravate a DUI Charge

Driving without a license can be an aggravating factor to a DUI charge because it carries an additional 60 days in jail, above and beyond any sanction a person gets for the DUI itself. Also, if a person is driving without a license, they could be driving without insurance which can lead to more consequences.

If a person is charged with unlicensed driving and DUI, and if these charges arose pursuant to the same incident, they typically will be heard together.

It is crucial for defendants to seek the services of a DUI without a license lawyer in Colonial Heights as soon as possible. An experienced attorney could build a strong defense and advocate on behalf of the defendant.

Unlicensed Driving Vs. Suspended License Cases

The difference between the handling of a case of driving on a suspended license and being an unlicensed driver would depend upon the nature of the suspension. The individual faces issues if their license was suspended by prior DUIs, too many points, or being involved in a hit and run.

If their license was suspended for not paying a seatbelt ticket or a child support payment they may have missed, it would not as serious as even driving without a license since such suspensions are more of an administrative sanction as opposed to someone who may be a danger to the safety of others on while the roadway. A seasoned Anne Arundel County attorney could explain the difference between unlicensed driving and suspended licenses in DUI cases.

Impact of a Previous Drunk Driving License Suspension on DUI

If a license suspension was caused by drunk driving, a subsequent DUI charge will be problematic. Since the individual lost their license for a prior drunk driving case, they are already deemed as a danger on the roadways and a risk to public safety. A second drunk driving case means that the person disregarded the sanction of losing their license and continued to drive anyway. This creates such a blatant disregard for the law and for the safety of others that the judge will undoubtedly order a heavy-handed sentence. Therefore, the defendant could be given additional incarceration pursuant in this scenario.

Contact an Anne Arundel County DUI Without a License Attorney

An Anne Arundel County DUI without a license lawyer could review your case to build a defense against the criminal allegations you are facing. Whether a person simply forgot their license or it was suspended by a previous charge, getting the right advice before proceeding with the case is recommended. Contact an accomplished lawyer today to begin your defense case.