Life After a DUI Arrest in Anne Arundel County

After a DUI charge, you may be unsure what life after a DUI arrest in Anne Arundel County may look like. Anne Arundel County takes DUI charges seriously, and the consequences reflect this. A seasoned DUI attorney could help you fight DUI charges and pursue the best possible outcome. If you are facing DUI penalties, contact a dedicated defense lawyer today.

Preliminary Impact Possibilities After a DUI

Life after a DUI arrest in Anne Arundel County can include many long-term consequences. A DUI has two components that can have a direct impact on someone’s life. A civil administrative component that deals with a person’s driving privilege, and a criminal component that can affect work. If someone is charged with a DUI, they can lose their license or at the very minimum, have restrictions on where they can go. This can be a significant issue if they need to drive to work and other essential places.

The criminal component of a DUI involves being prosecuted for a criminal offense. Having a pending criminal case, though not necessarily a criminal record, can be a problem potentially leading to a suspension from work or difficulty finding new employment. There also may be concerns about imprisonment, fines, future restrictions, and an overall criminal record after trial.

Long-Term Ramifications of a DUI

If someone is convicted of a DUI, not only will they have a criminal record, they will have to disclose it in any future background checks. It can be problematic when getting insurance, employment, anything that requires a professional license, immigration concerns, and even a person’s personal life. These ramifications will have an effect on a person’s life after a DUI arrest in Anne Arundel County.

How an Attorney Could Help Following a DUI

A DUI lawyer may be a guide to help from the very beginning of the arrest and through to the end of a potential trial. This could include challenging the state’s evidence and fighting the case at trial, or working out an appropriate resolution if the facts support a guilty finding. An attorney might take whatever mitigating steps can be taken to put the defendant in a better light in front of a judge, ultimately helping them try to save their driving privilege which will be in jeopardy.

Contact a DUI Lawyer Today

If you have been charged with a DUI, you may be wondering what your life after a DUI arrest in Anne Arundel County may be. There are consequences to DUI charges such as jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, and loss of employment. To learn more about the potential impacts of a DUI arrest in Anne Arundel County, contact a dedicated attorney for a free consultation today.