Anne Arundel County License Out of State DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI in a different state, or have an out of state drivers license while being charged in Maryland, a local DUI attorney may be able to help. Many drivers get a DUI or OWI –Operating While Impaired—when out of state. An Anne Arundel County License Out of State DUI Lawyer may be able to fight on your behalf in a court case or clarify legal technicalities that apply.

Effects of a DUI Charge With an Out of State License

When someone has a DUI charge, they are subject to losing their driver’s license. Usually, on a first offense, a license is lost for six to nine months. There are certain opportunities for Maryland drivers that are not available to drivers from other states. In some scenarios, the person may lose their ability to drive in the state and can do nothing about it because they are not a permanent resident here.

Every single county has its own procedure when dealing with DUIs. Montgomery County and Prince George County are distinct from Howard, Anne Arundel or Baltimore City. They are all different in the way prosecutors perceive them and the recommendations they make. In some counties, the judges impose interlocks for a year even on a first offense minor DUI situation. In other counties, the judges do not, but they ask for community service instead.

It all depends on the county the person is charged in, as there are generally more local rules to consider. The DUI itself will be handled in a similar fashion, but a lot of the little things could change what might happen.

Different Standards for DUIs Across State Lines

It is commonly understood that the legal limit of driving is 0.08. At 0.08, a person is presumptively unfit to drive. However, a person could still be charged with a DWI —Driving While Impaired— with as low as a 0.05. That is different from state-to-state, and if somebody is charged with a DWI in Maryland below a 0.06, it may differ from their home state while remaining a valid charge in Maryland.

An attorney that practices in that home state would be an essential asset in this type of case. What is more important is not so much the charge but the conviction. If someone can avoid a conviction and then begin ‘probation before a judgment’ they may avoid consequences in their home state.

Whether a person is in-state or out-of-state, the same rules apply to any defenses available. The only question is the sanctions or probation that can be imposed by a judge which may be tailored so that it does not overly impede the person’s ability to travel, to drive, and to move forward with their lives. An experienced attorney will be sensitive to the sanctions that can be controlled, modified, tailored or negotiated to ensure the least impact on that person’s driver’s license and ability.

Contact a Local DUI Lawyer Today

If you have a DUI charge in Anne Arundel County, but your license is from out of state, you may have need of a local DUI lawyer. They may be able to leverage their local knowledge to fight your DUI charge even if you are from out of state. They will be able to navigate the difficult legal maze of an out of state DUI charge. Call an Anne Arundel County DUI Lawyer today to learn more.