How Anne Arundel County DUIs Affect Employment

There are various ways how an Anne Arundel County DUI could affect employment and your life after an arrest. Many employers have policies or preferences to not hire those who have been charged with or convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Any employer in Maryland could run a background check, and within minutes, know that you have been charged with a DUI.

Even if you already have a job, your employer may do intermittent background checks of employees, and a DUI may lead to the termination of your position. In some situations, you may even be required to report an offense or charge to your employer yourself. If you have been charged with a DUI, a seasoned DUI lawyer may be able to help defend you and clarify potential impacts on your career.

Differentiating Between a Charge and a Conviction

If there is only a DUI charge, but no conviction, it means that the charge was dismissed. The DUI charge can be removed from a permanent record. However, if someone is found guilty or even gets probation before judgment, the charge and conviction can never be expunged from their record, and it will be available for employers to see forever.

How a DUI Looks to Employers

For a first offense DUI, the impact on employment in Anne Arundel County depends on the sensitivity of the driver’s work. For many people, there will not be any significant employment issues. However, even one DUI offense could be enough to cause problems if their work requires a security clearance of any kind, public trust, involves children, a commercial drivers license (CDL)or requires them to drive on the clock.

If a job requires driving, a DUI conviction on a person’s record might pose a significant problem. Many employers that need their employees to drive will have them drive company vehicles with company insurance. Even if the offense was a one-time mistake, there is a good chance that the employer will not want to risk being liable by allowing someone with a DUI to represent the company on the roads. Additionally, if a driver is ordered to use an ignition interlock device, they may be completely unable to drive a company vehicle in the first place.

Even if there is no immediate disqualification from employment, a DUI on a person’s permanent record may make them less desirable than an individual without such a conviction. Some employers may simply demote an individual with a DUI conviction due to a perceived lack of responsibility. It can look even worse if a license is suspended or revoked entirely.

Background Checks and DUIs

Depending on the nature of the job, background checks may be frequent, annual, or only at the beginning of employment. Jobs requiring public trust, or security clearance usually have a consistent schedule for renewing that clearance. When renewal comes up, it is likely that the DUI will be noticed by the employer. Other jobs only require a background check at the beginning of employment which may have fewer adverse effects for those with a DUI conviction.

A Lawyer May Be Able to Help

An employer will not always investigate every applicant or employee’s personal history. It is important to note that while not all organizations will complete a background check, many will do so. Thankfully, you retain the right to explain your situation, or preemptively discuss what occurred. Being able to explain that it was a singular mistake as opposed to a continuing pattern of behavior, there is potentially a chance that negative outcomes may be avoided.

Even still, there may not be a chance to explain any past charges or convictions, as many workplaces will eliminate an applicant for having a conviction without ever allowing for an explanation. If you have any questions about how Anne Arundel County DUIs affect employment, call a seasoned criminal defense lawyer today for more information.