Anne Arundel County DUI Court Date

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you likely have many questions. As you enter the complicated DUI legal process, having an experienced DUI attorney at your side can be reassuring. An attorney could help guide you through your Anne Arundel County DUI court date. Since there is no technical initial appearance, the process must be done properly for the best chance of a positive outcome.

What to Know About Anne Arundel DUI Court Dates?

There are no initial appearances for DUIs. When someone is arrested they are often discretionarily released, provided with their court date, and then sent information in the mail about the scheduled court appearance. The court date is often their trial date. Occasionally, the court sets a preliminary inquiry where a person is advised of their rights and told to get counsel, but if they already have an attorney, the hearing is canceled. All that is left then is to go to court on the given day with an attorney.

When and Where Court Occurs

The preliminary inquiry, sometimes known as the initial appearance, is scheduled for several weeks after the DUI arrest. The actual trial date is likely a couple of months later. The court will send information about dates, and it may be useful to consult an attorney with this information.

The preliminary inquiries on all matters take place in the Glen Burnie District Court or the Annapolis District Court. Appearing in court is critical to one’s case. Therefore, if one has any questions regarding their Anne Arundel County DUI court date, they should reach out to an attorney.

What Parties Attend an Initial Appearance in Anne Arundel DUI Court?

Typically, only the defendant and a judge, or occasionally a commissioner may be present to advise someone to retain an attorney. Prosecutors, police officers, and other witnesses are not involved in this potential initial appearance.

The Judge’s Role in a Court Date

The role of the judge who presides over the initial appearance is to:

  • Properly advise the defendant about the charges and maximum penalties
  • Advise them to have an attorney
  • Inform the individual of upcoming court dates

The same judge does not necessarily preside over the remainder of the case. There are about a dozen judges in Anne Arundel County, and any one of them may be randomly assigned to handling the case. An experienced attorney may have additional information about each judge if they are assigned.

Bond Schedule and Initial Appearance

When someone is arrested on a DUI, they are usually released shortly after. If they are held, they see a district court commissioner within hours. The commissioner determines whether to release an individual or hold them with or without bond. If the individual is held without bond or has a bond they cannot afford, they go before a judge for another bond hearing the next business day.

Learn More About Anne Arundel County DUI Court Dates

A skilled attorney may be able to help you understand the complicated processes around an Anne Arundel DUI court date. A seasoned lawyer will also be able to advise you on the rest of your case, which may lead to a better outcome than going to court with no representation. Contact a skilled DUI attorney today for a more detailed consultation on your case and initial appearance.