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Frederick White-Collar Lawyer

White-collar crime is the informal name for financial crimes that do not involve physical violence. These criminal acts often result from people with inside knowledge or fiduciary duty to the victim. These offenses can include anything from embezzlement to fraud.

An attorney could explain how different types of white-collar crimes could result in either state or federal charges. Regardless of the charge’s origin, the consequences of a conviction could have a lasting impact. However, white-collar crime defendants may be protected with help from the Frederick white-collar lawyer.

Types of White-Collar Crime

There are many types of Frederick white-collar crimes. Prosecutors tend to take these charges very seriously, especially when they involve a substantial amount of money. In any white-collar crime prosecution, the state often relies on investigators to analyze financial records while searching for wrongdoing.

The most commonly charged white collar crimes in Frederick include:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Healthcare fraud

Defenses to a White-Collar Crime Case

The defenses available to a Frederick white collar are often different than the defenses commonly used in other types of cases. While every white-collar crime is different, some defenses are commonly used in many of these cases.

Lack of Intent

Most white-collar crimes are crimes of intent, meaning that the acts of a person cannot constitute a white-collar crime if they did not intend for them to be criminal actions. This is important to consider in financial crimes given the complexity of some transactions. If a defendant can prove to a jury that a tax irregularity or a suspicious land deal was a mistake or an unconventional transaction, a jury may acquit them of criminal charges.

Illegal Search or Seizure

Most prosecutions related to white-collar crime involve a tremendous amount of paperwork. While certain documents might strengthen the state’s case, the way they obtain them is important. Frederick residents have rights guaranteed by the 4th amendment of the constitution, protecting Americans from illegal searches. If the police obtain evidence in a white collar crime case through an unlawful search or seizure, the court could bar them from using it at trial. If the court excludes enough evidence, they might dismiss the case entirely.


Entrapment is a defense occasionally used by Frederick white-collar lawyers. In certain cases, law enforcement will attempt to set up a trap when they suspect someone of committing a white-collar crime. While this is common, it is unlawful for law enforcement to induce or coerce someone into committing a white-collar crime. At trial, if the jury believes law enforcement entrapped a defendant, they will likely find them not guilty of white-collar crime.

Contact a Frederick White Collar Attorney Immediately

The financial transactions behind the alleged white-collar crime are often complex. In some cases, unsophisticated law enforcement officers or regulators mistake a legal transaction for fraud. You should never simply accept the allegations of white-collar crimes levied against you.

With the help of experienced legal counsel, you could fight back against these charges. In many cases, white-collar charges are reduced or even dismissed. To learn more about how a Frederick white-collar lawyer could help defend your rights, call today to schedule a free consultation.