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Frederick County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Most criminal allegations involve an alleged incident between strangers or crimes against property. While these allegations are serious, the courts typically handle the allegations in a vacuum and the conviction or acquittal will only affect the defendant’s criminal record.

Far more life-altering are allegations of domestic violence. While there is no criminal charge called domestic violence in Maryland’s criminal code, the concept of a domestic incident still carries legal consequences. The mere allegation of a domestic violence incident could throw a defendant’s life into chaos.

A Frederick County domestic violence lawyer could help individuals to refute allegations that they have committed a criminal offense aimed at a family member. Diligent criminal defense attorneys work to protect both your freedom in court and your ability to keep stability in your home life.

When an Allegation Involves Domestic Violence

A Maryland criminal court will not charge a defendant with domestic violence. Prosecutors will typically allege that a defendant committed a crime of violence or intimidation against a family member. It is the fact that the allegations targeted a family member that make the charges an incident of domestic violence.

There are some criminal offenses that could typically involve a family member. Examples of these include:

Since these criminal allegations could form the core of the charges, It may be important that the defendants’ primary concern be to refute these allegations. The secondary effects of a mere charge involving domestic violence may also be very serious.

Protective Orders

Any person alleging domestic violence may have the option to petition the court for an order of protection. These orders typically require a defendant to cease all contact with the person. In the case of a domestic violence charge, this order could have far-reaching consequences.

Courts will place great emphasis on the protection of the person claiming to have suffered domestic violence. Md. Family Law Code Ann. §4-513 defines a “victim of domestic violence” as a person who receives a physical injury, or the threat of such an injury, from a current or former spouse or cohabitant.

Any allegation of violence committed against any person with whom the defendant has ever lived could count as domestic violence. People who allegedly suffered domestic violence may include not just blood family, but also spouses, ex-spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends if they ever lived together, and even roommates.

Any order requiring the accused to cease contact could result in the person being forced to move out of their home, to quit their jobs or school, and even to lose custody or visitation of children. It is easy to see why hearings concerning the implementation of these orders are of the utmost importance. A Frederick County domestic violence lawyer could help people refute domestic violence charges.

Let a Frederick County Domestic Violence Attorney Assist You

Domestic violence cases are unique in that a defendant could feel the effects of a mere allegation before the case even gets to trial. Maryland allows people alleging domestic violence to petition the court for a protective order that requires the defendant to cease all contact. This may result in a defendant being forced to uproot their entire life.

Nothing of the potential criminal consequences of a conviction for the underlying charges. Many of these are felonies where a conviction could result in a lengthy prison sentence.

A Frederick County domestic violence lawyer may be able to help. They work to defend the rights of an accused person from day one to remain in their homes, to keep custody of their children, and to refute allegations of domestic violence in court. Contact an attorney today to see how they could help you.